Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


Its a shame he hasnt won a trophy since 11/12 to show his obvious superiority.


Wenger has won three FA cups in recent seasons and that doesnt make me think he is a better manager than he was during the 9 years he won nothing.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I rated him more then than I do now and I suspect most of us, including you, feel the same.

Trophies are always a consideration but not the be all and end all.

But we can flip the trophy argument and say that Klopp won a league title in 2012 and Wenger hasn’t since 2004.


But he did win a trophy (a major trophy) in 2012. He was also in the CL final in 2013. He was also runner-up in the Bundesliga in 2013 and 2014. He was also in the cup final in 2014 and 2015. And he has (almost, but likely) managed to get Liverpool into the CL for two consecutive seasons out of the 3 years he has been at the helm. Prior to that, Liverpool had only managed CL qualification once since 2009 (6 years) and that was the year they had Suarez and almost became champions. And he is still with a chance (not the worst chance) of winning another major trophy this year.

So since 2012 Wenger has won 3 FA Cups and came second to Leicester once… And to win 2 of those 3 prestigious FA Cups he battled with grands like Wigan and Aston Villa. He has also managed to fall out of his only real source of success - 4th spot.

I would say that one title, 2 runner-ups, 2 cup finals and one CL final while battling an European giant like Bayern Munich is not a bad return for his time at Dortmund. He has also obviously taken Liverpool on an upward curve and results really show that no matter what you may think.


The same thing goes about Pep Pochettino :wink:


I remember being constantly told football is about trophies, No one will remember top four finishes, can’t put a price on a winning Wembley day out etc. Ultimately trophies have to be the end result

I wouldn’t trade the 3 FA cups in 4 years for anything Klopp has done at Liverpool. I love silverware and winning.

Arsenal can easily bounce back in the league with a competent manager


To be fair, finishing second in the Bundesliga is like finishing a race three weeks after the winner


A bit like we did with Leicester :wink:


I can say the same thing about winning the FA Cup when no club of stature really cares about that competition and its like eating crumbs from a lunch table, everyone is focused on the real trophies which is the only reason Wenger managed to win what he won.


Klopp spent forty million Great British Sterling on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.


I agree.
In recent seasons there has been a distinct lack of interest, not just by the big clubs either, in the FA Cup.
I’ve seen half empty stadiums in FA Cup matches where, in a PL game, the stadium would be full, and the League Cup is virtually most clubs reserve sides until the later rounds.

I can remember theses cups being a big deal, but that certainly seems to have changed among clubs and supporters.


This is not always true


Wenger spent 35 million on Granit Xhaka.



If you think runner-up in the Bundesliga is something to frown upon

Dortmund in the Bundesliga since Klopp took over (2008)

13/14 - Runner-up
12/13 - Runner-up
11/12 - Champions
10/11 - Champions
09/10 - 5th
08/09 - 6th

Dortmund before Klopp

07/08 - 13th
06/07 - 9th
05/06 - 7th
04/05 - 7th
03/04 - 6th
02/03 - 3rd
01/02 - Champions
00/01 - 3rd
99/00 - 12th
98/99 - 4th
97/98 - 10th
96/97 - 3rd
95/96 - Champions


I don’t really care to be honest. I don’t want Klopp or Wenger as manager

Klopp over Wenger obviously, but neither are that high on my list.


Not always, but I have seen big clubs playing lower division clubs, where you would expect the lower club to fill out the stadium, even if only to see some of the world’s best players, yet there are loads of empty seats.

It happens a lot with Man City and Chelsea, which probably tells you more about their pulling power than anything else.

It could be because the big clubs generally rest their big name players, and opposition supporters know this, and aren’t that bothered about seeing a top PL club fielding their reserve side.
Although I doubt Nottingham Forest were too worried about us bringing a weakened team.


Yeah I take your point in terms of some matches, But the FA Cup still has a big pull for a lot of fans. Look at Cardiff’s attendances for example – which one stands out? The Man City FA Cup match. Sold out.


Wenger spent £35 million on Xhaka so maybe let’s not start playing that game :wink:

Edit: ah shit @Gladiator got there first haha


Thanks god finally someone speaks sense. I remember when Arsenal got sticks because we won nothing.


Why would people have constantly been telling you that if you love silverware and winning?

Have you changed your stance on this in recent years then?


And if Wenger had his way we would have rejected that offer and Ox would’ve stayed here on £180k a week, which I guess means he values him more than the forty million sterling Klopp does, which makes him worse.