Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


I think our quality of football died with fabregas and rvp. Sprinkle in players such as rosicky, nasri, hleb, diaby and even a theo who could actually run in behind and that team is gonna play some nice football.

Maybe our squad is far more rounded and deeper these days but we dont have the same level of ballplayer as we used to. Not even close imo.


Cazorla and Özil are good enough on the ball that “not even close” is a big exaggeration for me. Just picking at that one part though, I take your point.


I’ll take it.



Today, Wenger fail you again…


Klopp lost to these lot last week too


I’m aware.


every time this thread gets bumped lol. it’s like wenger wants to prove yous wrong for rating him more than klopp.


its one of those things 'hahahahahahaha liverpool badly fucked up…wenger ‘hold my beer’ absolutely shockingly bad this team has become from top to bottom so fucking pisspoor.






Still no.


I’ll still take Wenger. Klopp doesn’t look like he showers or brushes his teeth.


I want to reboot this thread again :slight_smile:


We beat the scum at home lolpool just bottled a goal lead against them, twice. Wenger still, noooo Klopp.


Performance wise, we are worse be honest.
Pool gave a much much more exciting show than us.


Managed to do something Wenger hasn’t done in 8 years in the Champions League.


How is this even a discussion? Two straight years finishing well above us in CL places with a similar budget and spending power, and doing better this season in CL than we have in years. It’s a direct comparison and Klopp clearly wins. Close this stupid thread.


@AbouCuellar only likes Klopp because the german clearly doesn’t floss.


Well above us? 1 point? :thinking:


*Two years straight finishing above us, this year well above us.

Happy? Doesn’t change the fact that in the league and CL we have the rare direct comparison, two clubs of similar stature and spending power (we have more if anything and surely have the bigger wage bill), and they’re clearly performing better. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out who the better manager is.