Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


Lol as is customary to bump this thread when either one of these guys have a bad moment. Klopp gonna end trophyless…again. We are in a final with a good shout and one of the favorites to win the EL :grin:


This thread is back and forth really


Yeah I agree about the back and forth but shouldn’t the ultimate decider be trophy count?

Whatever happened to ‘no one will remember a top 4 finish 10 years later’

You can’t put a price on Wembley trips. Think we have a good chance of beating City too


Klopp is different.
That’ll do for me.


Solid logic, who needs trophies when we could finish 4th!!


Klopp plays better football tbf

Just because we are in a league cup final after defeating a Chelsea team that is struggling almost as much as we are, doesn’t mean that we are closer to winning the league than Liverpool.


That’s what the AKB’s lived off saying from 2006-2013


Klopp no.

Conte most definitely


Hasn’t won a major trophy since 2012 and is unlikely to win the CL this season so I’d say it means he’s not likely to win a trophy until at least 2019… that would make it 7 years without a major trophy come the next time he can win one.


Yeah and it wasn’t good enough for the WOB back then, but I guess it makes sense that it would be viewed as an acceptable feat for Klopp. Wenger is one of the most decorated managers in history he should be held to a higher standard than a pashun merchant :grin:


You are damn right, Wenger is history… long past it, so I will take anybody over him, including Klopp, who is managing a team that play exciting and attractive football.


And win fuck all


Definitely counts against him but let’s not act like Wenger didn’t have nine consecutive trophyless seasons


lets not act like it was his idea to play about 9 seasons with £0 net spend either.


Liverpool have zero net spend too over the past few years if you want to act like net spend is the be all and end all


I just dont understand what Klopp has over Wenger except for ‘not being Wenger’.

I bet most footballers if asked who they would rather play for, would say Wenger.

Both managers want to attack and neglect defending anyway. Would only be a sidewards step if we replaced one for one.


He can make his team play much more attractive football and at least have a philosophy and identity that’s easily identified.

Still has his drawbacks of course.


Arsene teams are widely regarded as playing the most amazing football ever, at least to PL standards. We haven’t in recent times because our squad has been sub par. That is def Wenger’s fault but my inclination is that now that Sven is bringing us more technically sound players the Wenger managed sides are going to get back to playing that beautiful football we are all accustomed to.


Sven may get us a player or two, but there is no way he will find us a dozen good players and we can buy them all. We don’t have City’s money, and I believe we are already max out our ability to get Auba, Miki or maybe one more player.

Our squad is still basically the same, we minus Giroud and Theo to add Miki; and we sold Sanchez to get Auba.
We can’t say Auba will be better than an in-form and dedicated Sanchez.

Technically, we did not upgrade (much), also:
Kos, a year older
Monreal, a year older
Cech, a year older
Ozil, a year older and hasn’t signed the extension
Jack and Ramsey are still prone to injury.

Basically we are asking our core players to stay in prime form for another year or two and wait for the club to ship out the deadwood and get used to the new players and new tactics.

Can Wenger do it? I don’t think so.


We’ve had worse squads and played better football than we have in the past season and a half imo