Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


Not anymore imo.

Just look at Ox under the 2 managers. Tells you everything.


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Still have the old screenshot of the votes, for future shaming purposes.


Ox had great games with us; doesn’t change much about the player.


We’ve got some good evidence at the top of this thread.

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Haha he still hasn’t won anything, he’s still 15+ points behind the league leaders and he’s still Shit at seeing out games. He’s just a much more exciting Wenger at this stage with the same futile end results.

At this stage though us at least like to enjoy watching us play so I’d probably take Klopp now


Dont want either tbh. Both can’t defend for shit


There’s a sense of a polished turd still being a turd lol.

At least the football would be electric.


Liverpool is clearly better than us now.
Better manager, better players, more entertaining …
RIP Wenger ball


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I saw this thread bumped. Then City pulled one back…then they scored another and lolpool held on by the skin of their teeth. Not exactly the ringing endorsement for Klopp imo lol. We still beat the league champs in the FA Cup about 6 months ago. Sure they are an exciting team but if you are a lolpool fan it’s got to be maddening a lot of times.


Ate my hat today


But at least one can attack


Liverpool’s keepers both look alike and are both horrible. Their defence is so dogshit as well.


They play some mesmerising football and move the ball about with some zip.

Some great movement too.

This Arsenal could never in a million years play as well as Liverpool played today in terms of beautiful football. and Liverpool’s players aren’t all that. Firmino is alright, Can isn’t that great, we all know about Ox, etc.

Difference is the manager. Klopp is far above Wenger. Doesn’t even need saying.

If they sort out their shit defence and get a good keeper n, they could be CIty’s main challengers next season.


RIP indeed it was Wenger’s one redeeming quality as a manager.


So are Man City, Man U, Chelsea, spurs and Bournemouth.


Then lost to a team near the bottom of the Championship who don’t have a manager.


will be 2nd year in a row Klopp finishes above Wenger.

In full seasons as manager Klopp will have a 100% record finishing above Wenger. Very arguable who has the better squad if we include Ozil and Sanchez in ours.

And that’s with the defensive frailties remember.


Klopp is different, exciting, has new ideas, isn’t scared of spending, plays great attacking football and has bought more great players in the time he has been at Liverpool, than Wenger has all the time he has been at the Emirates.

Wenger is boring, predictable, stubborn and won’t change.

If there was another poll on who supporters would prefer, Klopp or Wenger, it would be interesting to see if anyone would have Wenger.


Its my thread and I’ll do what I bloody like thank you very much :joy:


I’m still not absolutely sold on Klopp yet. Yeah they’re playing some sexy stuff, but there are still problems there and he is still to actually win anything.

If it’s Wenger or Klopp, then Klopp all day long. But that’s not really saying much - i’d take Moz the monster over Wenger at the moment.