Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


The problem is that this guy is a bit of a loser like Wenger in the end. He is yet to win a trophy with Liverpool and his win ratio is worse than Rodgers’.


His team is also worse than Rodgers.

Why does everyone compare him to Rodgers, as if Rodgers somehow did really badly and is some kind of yardstick of failure?


I dunno lolpool back then was basically suarez. Sure he doesn’t have a wc cf but he’s got a much better all around squad. Stevie G is the only other big name and he was way past it at that point.


He was the last half competent longer lasting manager they had which makes for a good comparison.

A fit Sturridge was pretty good and Sterling fit their style too. Ultimately Suarez was their main man but the rest of their attacking three wasn’t too bad either.


It does make a good comparison, but it always feels like people are inferring something more like:

Well Rodgers did shit and he’s not doing any better than Rodgers


I think that’s mostly because of how his last season panned out and how they weren’t quite that good before the 2013/14 season. With Klopp you then had a big name manager taking over with a lot of promise due to reputation and now seeing that he’s not doing any better than him will lead to that statement being used more often.

Also Rodgers is a bit of an idiot which doesn’t help.


I’d have anyone over Wenger. Just for a breath of fresh air and some new fucking football. Not the same turgid brainless football of the last 6/7 seasons scraping 4th and now ultimately out of it.


Klopp every day for me . Wenger just sits on the bench like a spare prick at a local council meeting trying to decide what colour tulips to plant on the market square . Klopp on the other hand wants to get his players motivated and play for the shirt .
The sooner Wenger fucks of the better for us all .


Both Arsenal and Liverpool are not going to win the league…

But Liverpool play more attractive football, Arsenal don’t

Klopp for me anytime, simple choice.


This is sad but true… one thing I will say is that they have a better track record of bringing in players that turn into superstars, which helps them now and when they are forced to sell… Suarez and soon Coutinho - just those two give them the ability to reinvest massively. In contrast…


We should have sold Ramsey and Bellerin to Barcelona when they worth some money…


In retrospect yes, but I think many of us, including me thought that at least Bellerin was on a trajectory to be great - and it is so hard to find those dual-threat defenders a la Cole.

Ramsey I have been hot and cold on - but on balance yeah, if we could have cashed in big, probably would have been wise given his inconsistency and fitness issues over the past few years.


They are hardly better than us, and they’ve done miles better in the transfer market. Firminho, Sane, Sallah, Coutinho, and now their new 75m CB could replace a ton of players in our team. I like Klopp but he has not done anything results wise to supplant our legendary manager. Having Klopp opposed to Wenger would just be bringing in a manager for the sake of chane which i can understand but I really doubt he’d bring us any better results.


I agree, although I think that even if he isn’t a better manager, someone different with a new approach might inspire our players more than Wenger does.

We have a first team that looks stagnant and our best players look uninspired and unmotivated.
Every season is predictable, so just something different, if not necessarily better, would be more enjoyable and exciting.

Whoever the next manager is, they are going to have a massive rebuilding job on their hands with the mess Wenger has made, and it might be difficult to attract any of the elite managers here.


I think this thread is now completed.


Ok, i have changed the tune and it is a big yes!


didnt use to be sure, but now i would swap 90% our squad and fucking wenger for him.


You’re only saying that because Klopps team is destroying the runaway unbeaten league leaders and Wengers team lost to a team who were a point above the relegation zone at the start of the day.




…until the next time Wenger wins a game and Klopp loses a game :woman_facepalming:t2: