Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


Give it a couple more years of Klopp shit and lolpool will probably happily trade with us. All I know is that Wenger has won us some silverware and Klopp has won the 4th place trophy once so far.


Well hopefully in a couple of years we’ll have a non-Wenger, forward tinking, progressive manager. So I hope you’re right.


Hope doesn’t live here anymore.


Klopp has been battered by this kind of margin, what, once? Please do let me know how many times Wenger has suffered a similar fate.


I’m alright mate, will leave the mundane jobs to you. Literally weed and nap time. If you know a site with all the data happy to look it up. Might stimulate something worthwhile!


Very positive performance from Liverpool yesterday 11v11. Didn’t watch the 2nd half but they were the better team with even numbers.


:thinking: yeah wish we had Klopp tbh.


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It’s happened again, it’s happened agaaiiinnnn…something something.


I don’t know whether he’s better than Wenger. But I know he’s a prick whenever he wins against us he celebrates like he won a major trophy. Don’t even shake Wenger’s hand at the end of the game.


The evidence that Klopp is Wenger 2.0 continues to mount. Still love him though.


I will say this about Klopp. If he could spend a billion on players I think he’d have a great shot at winning the league.


Interesting question right now :thinking: :mustafi:

He is just another clueless manager when it comes to defend.


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In answer to the question in the thread title still yes.


according to the internet, Klopp is now not only worse than Rogers and Benitez at Liverpool, but also worse than Moyes at United :smiley:


I had no idea about the handshake thing. No wonder he’s kmown as a sociopath by rival fans.


Maybe Klopp just needs to play Wenger every week and he’d be laughing.


Has his faults but at least he has some sort of style and enough about his pressing and attacking play to get finishes in the CL places.


Klopp is more ambition, more exciting, more dynamic and less predictable than Wenger.
He has a knack of buying players that go on to be world class.

But even if anyone thinks none of that is true, he is definitely something that Wenger isn’t, and that’s different.


I wouldn’t be sad if he replaced Arsene. Not one bit.