Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


Ljungberg used to play ABBA at the dressing room,

2 PL, 3 FA and a CL final. Coincidence? I don’t think so.


I will just leave this post here.


We are only 12 points behind Liverpool, still 10 games left to make up the difference.


New question:

Who would have Kenny Dalglish instead of Wenger?


There’s more chance of them doubling that point difference than us catching them up.


I’d have Kenny Rogers instead of Wenger!


I’d have Roger Rabbit instead of Wenger.



You are a Gambler.


Actually scrap that, If we’re going down the Kenny route. I’m voting for Kenny McCormick!


More of a country and western fan probably.


I was trying to be clever. His biggest hit is The Gambler.


Correct. I’m actually going to the country music festival at the O2 next weekend :cowboy_hat_face:

Gonna get drunk on Tennessee whiskey and pretend Arsenal don’t exist.


To the 42% of you that are wrong, if you were unaware you have the possibility to scroll up to the top of this thread and fix your vote.


The poll is meaningless…
Wenger himself provided the answer already


at this moment i would rather have roy ‘owl features’ hodgson managing us.


Best manager in London


not difficult tho at the moment is it lol, even Conte is being taken the piss out of by the chavski players, and the less we talk about what wenger is like would be better because just the sight of him at the moment is driving me up the wall.


haha FFS never in a million years imagined this a few years ago… Roy f*ing Hodgson…


I’m clearly not a big country and western fan :grinning: