Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


weird that a Klopp-Wenger thread would be bumped when we just happened to play Liverpool. Someone please make sense of this for me.


Wenger’s Arsenal has conceded 14 league goals 4 league matches against Klopp whilst taking 1 point from 12, he’s certainly got it over him in a head to head battle.


Yes we call it knee jerking :slight_smile:


That’s some astonishing stats right there… Klopp absolutely hammered Wenger head to head.


Quoted for truth


Klopp > Wenger




What he did 14 years ago doesn’t make him a better option in present time.


The most inane thread in forum history strikes again


Klopp beats Wenger shit klopps gets beat worse eh


No, quoted for “I’m going to go and have a look at that Klopp vs Wenger thread now that Klopp’s had a bad day and Wenger did okay against the worst team in the league” which means you’re as reactionary as everyone else.

And Guardiola > Klopp does not disprove Klopp > Wenger :hipster:


Klopp doesn’t even have to be better.
Just something different and exciting is ok with me.
Their transfer window had good players coming in and a buzz around the club because the supporters can see some effort by the manager and the owners.
When was the last time we had a transfer window that actually got the supporters really excited?

I would prefer to see us go and get three world class players while getting rid of the usual dross, and finish outside the top four, than get the fourth place trophy.

I think it’s the predictability of every season having the same players, the same tactics, the same transfer windows, repeating the same mistakes, with the same inevitable excuses, that have turned supporters off Wenger.


Given the margin Klopp just lost by I hope no one that slated Wenger post Liverpool has the audacity to continue this shit any longer.

Neither manager is at the highest level yet both are hugely likable and both have a brand of football that has excellent strengths yet are fundamentally flawed. The real killer is that NEITHER HAS A PLAN B.


The question asked is who would have Klopp instead of Wenger. The answer, me.


We have Giroud


Agree with pretty much most you say here. This thread will be reactionary whenever one team suffers a bad loss tbh :joy:

Both are founding when up against it, I do howver feel that Klopp is slightly more versatile and definitely a manager going in the upward direction.




go away.




Well if it was would you have massively superior thing instead of pile of shit you currently have then there wouldn’t need to be a discussion on it.

What I find audacious is attempting to compare a trouncing after losing your best player in the first half away against the best team in the league with the best offensive coach in the league and a trouncing from a team that is supposed to be your equal with a fundamentally flawed coach when it’s 11 v 11 for the whole game.