Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


But for every top 6 record, there are home defeats to the likes of Swansea, shambolic breakdowns lile they experienced at Bournemouth last season and a debacle like the 6-1 mauling they had at stoke a couple of seasons back. Like Merse said on GSS, because its Klopp, we’re all saying “ah, its Klopp. Kloppy. He’s all right.” If it was Wenger, he’d be annihilated on GSS (and rightly so)

If, and its a big if, we get our act together and we end up finishing below Liverpool, it wont be by a massive amount. And thats down to Klopp not being able to take advantage properly.


We’re acronyming soccer Saturday now?

Why the fuck is it called soccer Saturday anyway. Shouldn’t Englishmen and Englishwomen be outraged by this? @Persona?


Sky think alliteration is cool.

P.S. It isn’t.


I really like that you alliterated whilst dissing alliteration. Nice job. :slight_smile:


Rodgers was in charge of that 6 1 game at stoke.


Crap. I wont amend the post though. I dont thunk anyone else realised. Shush :wink:


I really like that you explained his joke. Good work!


Correction, I appreciated his joke.


After last weekend’s trouncing, it’s hard not to want Klopp here instead of Wenga. And in general Klopp is a manager of the modern era. Wenga one of the dinosaur era. Time for a change, which has been long overdue.


If Wenger gets a pass, by some, for not competing because of funds, Klopp should too.


Nope, Klopp has lost 5 finals in a row, Wenger has won his last 3, or last 6 if you count Shields :smirk:


One is on the way down and all his best players can’t stand him and can’t leave fast enough.

The other is on the way up, showing ambition and a desire to do anything he can in the transfer market to win the top trophies.

Even the most biased person knows which is which.

If you’re still not quite sure, he has also just thrashed us in an embarrassing display of managerial ineptitude from our manager.

If you seriously would rather keep Wenger than have Klopp then I can only assume you prefer Europa League football.


Mainly because Klopp isn’t an elite manager and hasn’t won a trophy for a while so he would barely improve us. There’s younger more dynamic/better tactically managers than Wenger but they don’t win anything, see Klopp and Pochettino.


I would have either of those.


There’s not really even a debate. Judging from this conversation Arsenal fanatics hardly even know what they want. Wenger at his absolute worst, has just won us 6 trophies in 3 years. Klopp in his prime hasn’t done shit in fact he finished only one point ahead of us league wise, no trophies. The argument has now changed to, “well at least Klopp’s teams play exciting football.” Yeah, well I remember when according to most of the Arsenal community we were playing some great stuff, but we weren’t winning titles. So Wenger can’t win. This thread being bumped is a bit of a joke. Reactionary at best, considering we’ve got a full on mutiny on our hands atm.


So you would keep Wenger rather than have Klopp?


It’s funny the times this thread is active, when we won FA Cup or on the opening day when we beat Leicester and Pool drew to Watford this thread was hidden. We have a reactionary fanbase. Klopp at his best for Liverpool has qualified for the CL. Wenger at his worst done that.


It’s not like the Wenger fan boys and girls have ever bumped a thread when it suited them to do so :roll_eyes:


Well, technically Wenger at his worst did this…