Who would have Klopp instead of Wenger?


All the top managers have the beating of Wenger, and considering he has been the longest serving manager in Europe, who has had a settled side for several seasons, with what he describes as a team capable of winning the PL, means he is not at their level.

So any decent manager from any decent league could take over and do a better job.

All Wenger had to do this season was shake things up a bit just to make it more interesting but he couldn’t even be bothered to do that.

Klopp is the opposite.
He might not be the best but he would be exciting to watch and would do his best in the transfer market, which Wenger has failed to do every season, for which he is now paying for.


course we’d have Klopp


Klopp has all the deficiencies Wenger has tbh.

Anyone thinking that 4-0 was a reflection of Liverpool being a supremely gifted and well managed team are sadly mistaken. All Arsene Wenger that.


Not the first time they’ve fucked up a big team under Klopp though, is it?


Only on the defensive side, Klopp gets his team to play attractive attacking football quite consistently.

Wenger couldn’t do that to save his life.


I’d be more than willing to accept some of the deficiencies that Klopp’s team may have if I get to watch my team play exciting attacking football.


What manager hasn’t fucked up a big team? My point stands.


True, but he can’t unlock the teams who park the bus.


Your point doesn’t stand, it’s shit.

They often look supremely talented (in attack) and well managed in big matches.


I’d be glad just to see the bold at Arsenal. Losses always come but determination, intensity, and efffort can always be appreciated.


He clearly doesn’t, lol.


I agree.

A very very small part of me thought that the reaction to yesterday’s result was an overreaction, based on the fact that we’ve been to Liverpool before and got turned over handsomely. Even before the 5-1, we’ve lost 4-0 there in christmas 2001 with a better first XI. How did we respond? Thrashed leicester 6-1 at Highbury a few days later.

Will we beat Bournemouth the same way? You can bet your bottom dollar we won’t.


lol cool.


@AbouCuellar ^

yes, he really does.


No, he doesn’t, or else he wouldn’t be clearly the superior manager. This is you just using facile rhetoric to try and defend an indefensible point (probably to save face).


Christ. This is almost as tedious as our last discussion. I’m out.


Klopp topped ‘the big 6’ mini table last season and continues with another win so far this season. He’s only lost one of these since being in England, a highly impressive stat.

Wenger’s was at the bottom of that mini table last season and to my knowledge hasn’t been near the top of it in years. He’s even losing his status of swatting aside the rest of the league flat track bully style as we’ve developed new bogey sides in recent years in the form of Swansea, Southampton and perhaps West Brom.

2017 Klopp is some distance ahead of 2017 Wenger


If you properly analysed Klopp’s record in the league vs the top 6 compared to Wenger’s since he arrived, you’d clearly see he doesn’t share all the same defiances as Wenger.


League’s made up of more than 6 teams though.


I never said Klopp does not have defiancies, just said he does not have exactly the same ones lol.