Who will be the next manager?


And I expected you to ignore all the other points as you never seem to have rationality to argue them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nothing says smug quite like :slightly_smiling_face:

Great for a rustle.


Who said win titles consistently? Where in my post did I suggest we would win titles consistently?

You said:

Nice try on the shiftecito of the goalposts though :wink:


Isn’t it implied?
“Arsenal are a big club, we should be winning trophies”

If you are suggesting, Arsenal should be winning league title once every decade, why are you so enraged on daily basis?

PS - What the fuck is with this cito shit? Do that on someone who understands the context.

PPS - :slight_smile:


Clearly not, because I didn’t say it, lol. You just invented it as an argument to argue against because it’s convenient and would make your arguments less incoherent.

I’m enraged because our football is absolutely shit, our management is absolutely incompetent on the pitch and off it, and my club is basically unwatchable/unfollowable, because, in short, incompetence is highly frustrating. Now, go on and tell me how that’s not sufficient reason to be enraged. :wink: I never say anything about titles, because I know in the short-term it’s not a realistic goal, so try that sophism on someone else buddycillo. :slight_smile:


My bad. I usually take that as fans’ default position.

I am glad we are on same page :slight_smile:


Well, try reading then, because I think 99% of the community realises that it will take a while (the time it takes for Wenger to finally leave/be fired + a few years undoing the damage he’s done) for this team to be competitive again. And even if you didn’t know that, I stated as such in a post made less than an hour ago, which you can find by scrolling :arrow_up:


I don’t buy that at all.

You can argue that there is a small percentage of fans who take such a reasonable stance but I am pretty sure a huge base of Arsenal fans just think Arsenal should compete every season.

You only have to go back to 2006-07-08 when Arsenal were going through the financial transition. The vitrol may not have been as toxic as now but the unreasonable demands were still there.

I am not born yesterday. I have seen and interacted with Arsenal fans over last decade & saying

is just being too kind on the fan base.

Edit - Forgot to add :slight_smile:


No, no, I was responding to you, but I see how you could be confused, seeing as you are the only one who rivals Trion for your amount of shit talked/word or cluelessness about the matter at hand (football). :slight_smile:


Unless your viewpoints are generally accepted(which they are not), you shouldn’t be the one to accuse others of shit talking.

You are as controversial as us.
At least both of us don’t pretend to be some sort of top dog in the world of footballing knowledge.


You two aren’t controversial at all. Most everyone knows how to call a spade a spade. You only get arguments with people like me because I have very poor self-control on this forum.


You are talking about me. The Trion.
I have argued with every damn person on this forum.


Speak for yourself trion, I’m american don’t ya know? That means I know more about everything than anyone cause of my superior non inbred genetics.


Don’t know why people knock Rafa tbh sturdy manager who could do a job at Arsenal.

You just need to look at the composition of the current Newcastle team to see how functional the midfield and defence is. Their set up makes sense and that’s what Rafa will bring to Arsenal.


I agree. Newcastle is actually beneath him but I admire him for sticking with it. He’s been pretty consistent in most of his jobs. Even at Chelsea when the fans were constantly calling for his head!


I’m still voting for Arsene Wenger’s reanimated corpse.


The only thing sad about this is that the next manager we hire probably will not get any more money than the current one and still will be, in a controlled and calculated way, outspent by Chelsea/City/United, every season bar fluctuations, just like right now lol


Wenger has spent a lot of money though, and there was more to be had he just didnt fucking do it. Do you honestly reckon that season that we only got Cech we were only able to spend 10m give me a fucking break, the cunt manager is the one that is not spending. More to the point you give him the money he generally spends (barring the odd few times) he spends on shit which we cant get rid of…or he spends gets a good player then stops short so then those good players never have a complete structure of talent around them so they get sick and tired of it and want to leave. This is all on wenger not the board not spending etc, its wenger that fucks about, how many times has it been said that wenger pisses about with transfers and just as they are about to pull the trigger he changes his mind etc. Can’t wait to see the fucking back of him.


His football is boring man.
I always fell asleep watching Liverpool when he was in charge.
This was when I would consume football GFI style.

His man management is not suitable for Top clubs.
He doesn’t have an appreciation for Talents. Can’t believe he wanted to sell Alonso for Gareth Barry.
He would isolate Yossi Benayoun despite Yossi being one of Liverpool’s best performers.

Not known to gel well with management. Controversies with Liverpool management, with Inter’s management etc.

Doesn’t have any history of being a good scout for talents. Admittedly I haven’t known much about his Valencia side but his Liverpool side bar Torres were just shite man. And that was one of the reasons why Liverpool fell out of Top 4 when it was lot easier to be in it.
Apart from Coutinho, I don’t recall him ever trusting with young players. Even Coutinho was given time because Inter was playing on its last leg I suppose.

The pragmatic approach perhaps works in Europe but gosh it is boring as hell.

We are not going to win trophies. At least let us not subject ourselves to boring football.
He are horrendous right now but we are entertaining in both good & bad ways.


And our football is exhilarating? It sounds like there wouldn’t be much of a change from what dross we have now…so we should be used to it. TBH our football is utter shit!