Who will be the next manager?

Starting from now, my head is fully focused on the next season and on the period when we will need to choose the next manager when Wenger will leave the club.

In Italy the rumors about Massimiliano Allegri are intense day by day (but not from reliable sources).

His relationship with Juventus seems not good despite the titles won and the players which they bought. Dybala refused to shake his hand after a recent game and the manager was furious against the players after the Supercoppa. Juventus sporting director Beppe Marotta refused to respond about the news of Allegri to Arsenal, but everybody are sure about the marriage between us and the italian manager.

Managerially, he is born with Sassuolo, a small italian team bought by a rich man. He has helped them to obtain the promotion from the third to the second division. After this experience, he signed with Cagliari (a small italian team famous to be the team of great players like Gianfranco Zola and Pioli). Two fantastic saves (he saved them many months before the end of the season), and the title of best manager of the year, have convinced Sivlio Berlusconi and AC Milan to call him as manager. In Milan he won the league and the Supercoppa in four years (but after the second years they sold their best players because of a terrifc financial situation).

Juventus called him on emergency when during the transfer window Antonio Conte resigned. Juventus helped him with many good players and he won three titles in three years (four this year), one Supercoppa, two Coppa Italia and reached the Champions League final.

Tactically now he is playing with a 4-2-4 with Mandzukic, Dybala, Higuain + Cuadrado on upfront, but he started the season with the 3-5-2 with a back3 with Barzagli, Bonucci and Chiellini (three CBs and not 2CB + 1RB like Conte), Alex Sandro on the left, Litchsteinter/Cuadrado/Dani Alves on the left and two strikers on upfront.

When he was AC Milan manager, he was a fan of the diamond midfield, playing many games without any players on the flanks.

How many players he should use for his tactic? If he would prupose the 3-4-1-2 he should use Mustafi and Koscielny on defense, Bellerìn on the right, Xhaka and another on midfield, Ramsey or Ozil behind the strikers, Sanchez on upfront.

I don’t vote for him but he could be a solution. How many managers, realistically, could join - being good - us?

  • Max Allegri (Juventus manager)
  • Roberto Mancini (former Manchester City & Inter manager)
  • Eddie Howe (Bournemouth manager)
  • Laurent Blanc (former PSG manager)
  • Diego Pablo Simeone (Atletico de Madrid manager)
  • others

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Also means we can sing his name with the heartbeat themetune :wink:


In the spirit of Brexit I want someone English who will do Merson proud. Not some Johnny foreigner, look where that’s got us.




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Allegri is the first choice, then Simeone.

Would be good to understand why @Cristo wants Howe.

In my opinion is a massive step down.

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Whoever it is i hope to fuck he comes with his own mindset which wont be fucked around with by the club…more to the point a manager that has no problem with having the balls to get rid of the UTTER SHIT that is at our club, Sanogo Ramsey Walcott i am looking at you, you bunch of useless wankstains!

Folks let’s get real, the next manager will be Wenger. He won’t leave after this season even if we finish outside fourth place. He’ll feel that it’s his obligation to get the team back into the Champions League and the board won’t have the appetite to disagree.



Hopefully Simeone or Allegri but will likely be Wenger or Howe :joy:

Our next manager will be Wenger’s head in a glass jar preserved by fluid, Futurama style.


Read Allegri is studying english :santi2:

I’d have Simeone.
If it was manager from the PL, Pochettino would be the best choice, as we would mean we have a great manager and spurs would lose the best manager.
Koeman would be the only other realistic choice.
He was a great player and has done a decent job at Southampton and Everton.

Simeone or Allegri for me


This x100, either one of these 2 and it will be a change in direction for the better.

We need someone proven. Someone that’s coached a team in the knockouts of the CL.

Not as a general rule, just to be the first guy to replace Wenger. If we get someone like Koeman, from the start there will be questions he’s out of his depth (like Moyes) from some fans and the media.

I think we need someone like Allegri just to get over that bump. Wenger haters want anyone but Wenger but Wenger supporters will jump straight into “I told you so // grass is always greener” if someone lesser comes in and loses a few games but someone like Allegri with what he’s achieved at Juve will have everyone’s support. Nobody will miss Wenger if we get someone equal/better and don’t drop down the table.


I reckon some of the blind faith Wenger lovers would love someone like Eddie Howe to come in, so when we re struggling they can say " see I told you to be careful what you wish for "

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No true fan wants Arsenal to fail, you buffoon.

Wenger out wenger in what does it matter? Every single person is itching to say ‘i told you so’ about absolutely fucking everything.