Who will be the next manager?


So at least suggest someone I can get excited about.

Fucking Benitez.


I guess you didn’t watch the whole game. Pep himself admitted it was one of the toughest games ever for him.


no, not compared to anyone who placed above him year in and out, so no.

no, you made that up. winnings go to the owner, no one else.

no, that’s why we spend £90m the next season. It averages out to exactly what is should be. we spent nearly nothing net this season and probably will compensate in the next winow or the one after that to average out at that £40-50m or w/e it is we get to spend nowadays.

Cech, Mustafi, Özil, Sanchez were all good signings, and Sead and Laca look alright. That Xhaka seems to not be doesn’t make him sign poor players, his average good/bad record is probably better than most managers’. Before them he didn’t get any money at all, so then he did even better to get the same position lol

by whom. Who know this stuff. Who knows and at the same time knows how other managers handle it, and can compare and tell.

I know you’re pissed and want him out, no probs, but your arguments aren’t very good imo.


LOL you do fucking know we are making over £400m a season, bournemouth spent more than us this season, yet again this season we spent £50m where in the fuck were the other players every fucking season we come into it unprepared and fucking around trying to do late transfers why are we ALWAYS fucking 2-3 players short of challenging.

The money doesnt go to the owner is fucking crap because it would be on the records if it did. I am sorry but i bet you once wenger is gone things will be very different.


How much was the profit?


Swiss ramble did a report on our finances recently. We have plenty of profit and close to £200m in the bank, so i feel we should be doing better.


I know we make money. I just have no idea what makes you think Wenger can spend significantly more but doesn’t want to. What possible benefit does he get out of not spending. Why would he purposely gimp himself, reduce his win statistics, trophy count, his legacy etc. Why would he. Do you still think he gets to pocket what he doesn’t spend or how does it work.

The only way Wenger would be allowed to spend buckets would be if someone like Messi wanted to join. Then we could probably spend.


If anything restricts us from spending it would be the wage bill.


Definitely a wage bill issue either way, yes.


He is stubborn and arrogant and he believes anything that goes wrong is never his fault.
He always goes on about players not meeting his valuation and is always looking for a bargain.

Even his only two world class signings Ozil and Sanchez were too good to turn down because they represented value for money.
He didn’t have them on a list of players he wanted, they were just bargain players.

The window where we bought a GK and no one else, when we were desperate for a striker and DM, proves he doesn’t like spending money because both he and Gazidis came out and said, “we can buy anyone” and "we’re not afraid to spend, yet did nothing and had 200m sitting in the bank.

In the last transfer window we almost broke even despite being desperate to strengthen after failing miserably in the PL and looking like a club gone stale.

I don’t know what Wenger was thinking by signing a new contract.
This is the oldest team he has had, with the best players wanting to leave, and absolutely no where near good enough to challenge for the PL.

Wenger has left the next manager in a complete mess just like Ferguson did with Man U.

The difference is, they have owners not afraid to spend and able to attract the best manager.
We have an owner who couldn’t care less as long as he is making a massive profit from the supporters.


Nah, I’ve explained this to you before. The window we bought nothing doesn’t prove anything bar that the ones we wanted didn’t want to come for the money we could offer. We spent twice that next season, what does that tell you. The rest is already answered in the post above. I’ve run this cricle before with you. Your ‘plot’ has holes everywhere and you don’t mind. The thing we agree on is that Kroenke likes Wenger because Wenger works with little money.


Not that it really matters much in regards to this debate, but I just thought I’d point out that most wouldn’t consider Mustafi a good signing at 35 million quid.


even though he ~started with a 22 games unbeaten in a row for us? asking you, not ‘most’ :slight_smile:


He was good for the first 4 months but been injury prone and average when he’s played since December.


You can’t see disagree with that comment tbh.


Jumping in in the middle of a post and conversation without reading the rest…but what does this mean?


That the supposed ‘profit’ we as a club make and publish is in no way automatically free money for the manager or the physios or the groundskeeper or anyone else to spend. And it is a pretty far fetched idea to even consider that.

If the shareholders (maj. shareholder Stan I guess) decide that we’re not putting more than say £40-50m back into player purchases every year then that’s what we get. Or we could get nothing if he so decides. Or he could throw sheik level money our way and it wouldn’t have to have anything to do with whether we made that money that year or any other year or at all. He could’ve made it elsewhere. Which is pretty much what Usmanov is suggesting he’d do once in a while I guess.


Fine. But. There is zero evidence to suggest that he has ever dictated in any way whatsoever how much is available to be spent. He’s never taken a dividend (winnings) and there has been no evidence whatsoever to show that restricting spending would be in anyway beneficial to him on any level.


Wenger (Tuchel)
Alexis (Pulisic)
Özil (Fekir)

Fantasy I know.


Not even such a big task to ask, tbh.