Who will be the next manager?


I still think Rudi Garcia could do a job. He seems to over achieve where ever he goes.


i still believe Ivan / Stan / whoever should fly out to Allegri and just categorically state ‘you are the man to take us forward, heres a blank cheque, name your price’.

I see no objective reason why he (or any manager) wouldn’t want to come here.


Didn’t do very well at Roma though.


He finished second behind Juve two years in a row…


Look at fucking @Persona creaming over a german :mustafi:


Fake news. :slight_smile: TT wouldn’t be my first choice, in fact I gave 2 names I’d prefer but I don’t think they’d come here.


:hipster: :wink: A bit of banter, my dear Enfield Town boy :wink:


The name of Marco Silva emerges more often on my twitter feed these days. Obviously Watford beat us (but who doesn’t?, but I don’t see them playing more often. Is he another Mourinho-merchant or is there more about him?

I’m not implying I want him as Wenger successor btw, but there isn’t really another thread to talk about (up-and-coming) managers. It didn’t feel really necessary to make separate thread for it.


Rafa is a far better manager than Wenger @gunnergirl

I would take him tomorrow


Now you are just being ridiculous.


Go for the kill. Sarri :kos2:


Sarri can’t beat city and their billions spent either so what’s the point?


You’re right that Wenger and the board (in not reacting and going hard for Klopp or Guardiola before our decline became more marked and severe) have put us behind in a way that will make it hard/ a long process to recover from in the coming years, but a) Guardiola will not be at City forever and b) a well run team of our financial level can absolutely overcome teams of higher financial level, recent history is littered with examples of this (need not look past last season and Monaco) and c) the point is to get the club to a level of competence and progress, instead of decline and incoherence, and even if we can’t beat City in the short-term there is a vast margin to improve our results and performances in the league and in Europe.

Funny how you go on about Arsenal fans being defeatists and self-loathing and all that yet you hang onto the financial difference as a reason why we have no chance (read: to justify Wenger) like a crutch. Contradict yourself much. Guess that happens when you haven’t a fucking clue what you’re talking about.


Vieira/Henry in 2019 :slight_smile:


Napoli gave a good go and played some quality football.

We probably won’t be able to get out of our own half vs City.


We beat them en route to the FA Cup last year, of course that was when Pep had only spent a quarter of a billion. The other half a billion might ensure an ass kicking this year. We’ll see.


Im confused seems like u were replying to me and i got a notification but i think u just wanna argue with trion.


PSG are massive bottlers. They once let Montpellier win Ligue 1. Monaco only had to contend with PSG.
Any English team however has to compete with a whole lineup.

Even if it is possible and it is but It only happens for that team once every 5-6 seasons as they assemble every puzzle piece over that duration.

No club can amass a bunch of players & instill team cohesion in one season to beat off City, Chelsea and United.

It is going to be even more difficult once Everton joins in.

It is not about being a defeatist. It is an obvious reality now.
Any contradiction to this reality is often considered an unexpected exception. i.e. Leicester.

People really need to stop expecting Arsenal to win big trophies. It’s not going to happen, regardless of who is in charge.


Yes yes. And Bayern were massive bottlers when Dortmund won it and Barça and Madrid were massive bottlers when Atlético won it (in a harder league :wink: ) and everyone was massive bottlers when Leicester won it and when we won it over United it was cause Wenger is a genius.

I know how this one goes. Love your infallible logic Trioncito :kissing_heart:


As I said it is possible to fend off one big team, not so much when you are up against City, Chelsea and United.

And it further proves my point as Leicester, Dortmund, A.Madrid have not won titles consistently.