Who will be the next manager?


I believe that the reason he’s called that is his appearance, I can’t see how it’s related to his ability unless I’ve missed something.


Means he’s a joke among fans and is unpopular.


This could literally be said of Wenger right now yet you support him lol

Some silly nickname means absolutely nothing let’s be serious.


Fair enough, still nowhere near as respected as Wenger is though. And he’s recently managed in the Championship which is about his level.




Just silly to say that Championship is his level. Really silly.


And the Europa League.

Are there any Championship managers out there with an EL, a CL, an FA Cup, a Supercoppa Italiana and two La Liga trophies apart from Rafa?

I don’t think so.



Old days, doesn’t mean he’s still competent. Otherwise why is he managing Newcastle and not a big club.


Wrong thead


I hope and think everyone here would much rather continue with Wenger than him. :rolling_eyes:


Who wants the fat spanish waiter here? :bellerin:



Dont want him!


Tuchel would be pretty underwhelming.


Yup, if we go for him we might as well stick with fucking Wenger. He has the same problems, look at dortmund play…attack attack attack but are so open in defending its a joke, what is the point of trading for the exact same manager.


@Persona disagrees with you :wilshere: :hipster:


We are not getting Max or Diego. I’d be fine with TT.

Plus the guy can be really cocky. At the Leipzig manager: :mustafi:


I remember when Tuchel was the hipsters choice of super tactical badman.


Bit concerning Dortmund board don’t see him as a big loss.

Don’t think he’s good enough for the Arsenal job. Too many question marks over his abilities