Who will be the next manager?


He’s been shit to mediocre ever since he left Pool.


This thread hasn’t any reason to be still open: our next manager will be Arsène Wenger, because he wants to rebuild his figure at Arsenal (but I should accept if anyone could say which he wants to keep the job, the salary and isn’t capable to understand what is happening around him) and because our board don’t know what the football is.

I hope to see something different when they will not receive the usual 40M from the Uefa for the Champions League place. Their only one interest are the money and a loss of 40M will be a kick in the ass.


It’s actually because of his work at previous clubs and the fact he came in and took a dejected and relegation certain looking Hull City that had sold their best players and has done a good job with them.

With Rafa it’s simply a combination of bad transfers, bad man management and just generally being a massively underwhelming appointment.

No league title himself since 2004. Nothing quite like replacing a manager who has no league title in 13 years with a manager who also has no league title in 13 years.


Moyes just beat Silva :mustafi:


This is basically the issue I have with the idea of Rafa as manager. Not that it’s really an idea I’ve heard anywhere apart from @sevchenko :joy:


His jobs at Inter, Real and Chelsea were pretty much impossible jobs. He got a few months at Real/Inter and Chelsea fans made their stadium toxic since he took over. And he still won cups in that time.

With a bit of stability and a director of football he might do very well.


He failed even with Napoli.


Arsenal have identified Monaco boss Leonardo Jardim as their top target should Arsène Wenger leave, according to TF1 https://t.co/Duurup6Lcx

— Get French Football (@GFFN) 7 mei 2017

I know it’s not going to happen, but at least doing something would be nice.


if we could just be Monaco, that would be swell.


hmmmm Jardim. not sure about this guy has he got enough to coach here? I know he has got Monaco purring BUT they have some majorly big talents there a lot of our team are fucking dead weight, not sure if fans will give him season after season to get this bunch of jokers doing well, if it is him if wonder if he has enough about him to turn this club around.


He’s not Wenger.

Is that not good enough?! :grinning:


Neither is fat sam, doesnt mean we want him or that he will work for us!


Jardim is a very good tactician. He has done very well over the years with less talented teams and now that he has some talent on hand, is about to win Ligue 1 and in the UCL semifinal. What more do you want?


Allegri :stuck_out_tongue: I was just unsure, i dont know enough about Jardim, heck who knows we might not even get him. I was wondering if people thought he would be good enough with us…if he ever comes maybe he will bring Mbappe, or maybe we will never get him sometimes if you sign a manager they sign stuff saying they cannot take any of that teams players to the new employers.


At the same time he’s the one who nurtured those youngsters into the first eleven.

Btw. Regardless who our manager is going to be, this squad needs an overhaul.


This is said about any pretty much any coach who does a good job with any club.

I seem to remember the same being said of Montpellier after their win with players like Belhanda and Cabella and having the top scorer in Giroud. Same with Mahrez and Kante and Vardy being a top goalscorer (might have even said that one myself :smile:)

If Wenger ever did well people would point to Ozil, Sanchez and Koscielny and same for Pochettino with Kane, Alli and Eriksen and the same with Conte and Hazard, Costa and Kante.

It isn’t just having good players that does it though. Good players have played like crap under crap coaching and decent players have looked like top players under good coaching.

Our next coach needs to be somebody that’s done a good job, probably in a respectable European league and ideally in European competitions. I don’t see any reason someone like Jardim would not be at the right level and the right stage of his career to have a job like Arsenal if Mourinho was capable of getting the Chelsea job, Pochettino the Spurs job, Guardiola the Barca job, Zidane the Madrid job, Manicini the Inter job, Allegri and Ancelotti the Milan job etc. etc.


[quote=“SRCJJ, post:648, topic:1210”]
No league title himself since 2004. Nothing quite like replacing a manager who has no league title in 13 years with a manager who also has no league title in 13 years.
[/quote]And as if by magic, Rafa has won the title with Newcastle when the odds were against them, let’s sign him up :giroud:


Was waiting till today to respond to this :joy: :joy: :joy:

(Not srs)


Why is Benitez suggested here. He’s called a Fat Spanish waiter for a reason.


Because @sevchenko has a strange obsession with people with limited-to-null mobility like Rafa and OG7.