Where are you going on holiday?

Oh I forgot to mention that after Corfu I did a day trip to Athens, climbed the Acropolis Hill in soaring heat, but got a couple of nice pics there. Using the hop off/hop on bus during the day was a good way to visit alot of the main historic sites an over a few hours

Parthenon/Odeon of Herodes theatre

National Archaeological Museum/first ever modern Olympics stadium


Stayed in Ipsos area for one day, then spent the rest of the week staying in a hotel in Kanoni, not too far from Corfu Town

Great photos, I really liked Athens but damn it is always so hot on that walk up :joy:

I’m in the second oldest European city after Athens at the moment lol.

Visiting the in-laws in D.C. for a few days.

Spent three months in Iraklion one summer long before it, plus Hersonnisos, Malia, Matala, etc. were ruined by tourism. I could never go back, I cherish the memory of those days and want to keep them intact in my mind.

Are you in Lisboa ?



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I flew out of Lisboa on Wednesday for my week in Yorkshire, I spent my time with about 20 miserable Northern spurs fans flying into Manchester lol

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They didn’t call themselves the Yorkshire Whites, did they? :laughing:

Should be fun when they olay Leeds.

Lisboa is a cool city. Going further afield today

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Had to post it again as images didn’t appear.

Just came back from two days in Palermo and Cefalu.

Palermo is a wild city. Random underground Italo disco house parties. Driving here is only possible fully insured.

Cefalu is quaint and very touristy


Shame you were there for only 2 days, Taormina is well worth the visit and you could have said hello to Catania for me.
Yeah the price of hiring a car is horrendously expensive

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I would love to go back to see Taormina and Catania. Unfortunately I had only two days time there as I flew in for my work.

Next time!

Supposed to be flying out to the Dominican tomorrow, hurricane Fiona currently wreaking havoc in Bavaro where I’m staying :person_facepalming:

Not long back from a stag trip in Split, Croatia.

We impulsively went to a Hadjuk Split game.

Experience was superb, quality of football not so much