Where are you going on holiday?

Trying to sign one at the moment.


should sign maupay and then see what Guendozi has to say about that :wink:

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Hawaii… leave in a little over a month. Will post pics of my fat ass on the beach.


this will be sexy, looking forward to that


Bitch, I am sexy!


Jealous of you people that are able to book a trip with confidence… enjoy people.

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Can you not even travel within Oz?

Scrolled across this in my fb feed :grin:


did a seagull write that?


Borders from state to state always shut if someone gets a case or 2, so it’s very hard to book anything with any confidence.

Rippppp, going to Hawaii anyways :grimacing::grimacing:


Can just imagine you in Honolulu, telling the natives about the 2006 Champions League final.

They will understand our plight very well. Just like the colonizers came to Hawaii to take their beautiful land and resources, we had what was rightfully and deservedly ours, the CL cup, snatched away from us.


Pretty sure they’re talking about people who move to Hawaii. Not tourists. Rich white people move in and drive up the price of everything. Land, food, utilities and then the locals can’t afford to live in their own home. It’s gentrification on a mass scale. Maybe… maybe they don’t want tourists either.


Hawaii is super packed with tourists right now from what I understand. There’s a boom because of all of the stimulus money and now that things are open again ppl are very antsy to get back out on vacation.

We had a family trip planned to go there since 2019, which got canceled clearly due to the virus. We rescheduled it for September this year (because of course the travel/airlines weren’t offering refunds) and when we went to rent a car there’s nothing available because the demand is so high. I’ve also read articles about ppl in Maui upset because the influx of tourists. It’s an interesting dilemma.

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I’m supposed to be going to Hawaii for New Years Eve this year with my girlfriend and her family, will be interesting to see if it’s just utter chaos. Think we’re supposed to be on the big island.

Never been to Hawaii, and I’ve always wanted to go so I’m excited but bit of a bummer it’s going to be rammed with even more tourists that normally would go to Europe etc. but aren’t able to travel.

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It might all be hype that it’s over crowded tbh. Just spoke with a co-worker yesterday who’d gone out to Hawaii on a business trip and said it didn’t seem all that crowded, so who knows.

Cristo you are in for a treat. Some of the best snorkeling in the world in Kona (Big Island) at Captain Cooks cove, and u can always see an actual volcano that is spewing lava, green and black sand beaches. It’s one of my favorite places to visit, of course I couldn’t compare it to Europe cuz I’ve only been to England but when I get a chance to travel I find myself going back to Hawaii over and over again.

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Yeah it’s just one of those places I’ve seen in film and tv so much I just feel like I need to go there now.

Would love to do some snorkelling, sounds amazing. We’re going to be staying on Lanikai Beach which is close to Kailua (no idea if that means anything to you) and not too far from Honolulu so will definitely also be hitting up Pearl Harbour and the memorial there.

Other than the snorkelling and Hawaii 5-0 I’m not really sure to expect other than beautiful tropical surroundings but I’m kind of excited by not knowing too much haha

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Ohhhh ur gonna be on Oahu! Yeah thats the main hub. You called it the big island so I was thinking Kona. Hanauma Bay is the best spot for snorkeling on Oahu imo, it’s a nature preserve and they only allow so many ppl per day. You will be pretty close with where ur staying and that’s definitely my recommendation for you. Otherwise a trip to the north shore to see pipeline and sunset Beach (famous surf spots) should be awesome around that time of year because the waves will be big. And then of course there’s the hike to the top of Diamond Head which is always awesome because the view from up there is unreal. Pearl Harbor is pretty amazing as well. Oh and for a great Luau I’d recommend Germaine’s. It’s on the other side of the island from u near pearl harbor but it’s a really great experience.