Where are you going on holiday?

Dude, I’m sorry. I hope things take turn for the better soon.

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I love Oregon, huge fan. Only been once but I’d love to go back for sure.

Portland is a fun city too.


Thank you :pray:

I’ve always wanted to visit Oregon.

I may be getting you confused for someone else on here, but did you say Washington state is nicer and more picturesque than Oregon?

If I did it was a joking, home team kind of banter. You really can’t go wrong with either. Both are very beautiful. Washington tends to be a bit more rainy.

The entire west coast is on fire right now. So it’s smokey and gross. I’ve had a sore throat for days. I guess this is just part of the ‘new normal’.

Off to Madeira, Portugal next week :sun_with_face: :airplane:


Dislike :-1:

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Enjoy and immensely jealous.

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So jealous, that Ronaldo statue one of the 7 wonders of the modern world


So Dedham Vale is truly lovely, despite its proximity to Essex and Colchester.

I’m a sucker for old villages with thatched cottages though.

There are actually some really nice parts of Essex. People always think of Basildon, Brentwood and the like, but it’s more than just TOWIE.

Suffolk is nice too. I stayed in Walberswick last year, which was lovely. Think that’s quite a bit further up from where you are though.


Yeah I know I’m just kidding, Essex has a lot of lovely green parts to it for sure.

I was just pulling your leg although some friends have been giving me grief haha

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So true. Plus the towns that TOWIE put on the map such as the likes of Brentwood and Loughton are not even that fantastic towns anyway (imo).

Stansted Mountfitchet and further out into Maldon and Earls Colne is much nicer and greener.