Where are you going on holiday?

My partner and I just booked a holiday to London in March. We’re playing away that weekend but does anyone have tips for some non-tourist things we can do?

We won’t have the baby with us (figured our dog and cat can keep an eye on her for 10 days) and we’ve both been in London before (I lived there for a bit) and we don’t really want to do the tourist route again.

She really wants to hit up Disneyland Paris which is obviously not in London but I genuinely have no concept of how easy it is to get to using rail service.

A day trip to Paris is real easy if you take the Eurostar. Book well in advance and it’s pretty cheap too.

Just back from a week in Istanbul.

Lovely place, but fuck me I was shocked by how unhelpful, rude and ready to bleed you dry the people were.

I hate making generalisations but I’m gonna this time, cos I could count on one hand the amount of nice positive interactions I had.

It’s such a shame because I loved the sights and everything, and the holiday could have been so much better if I wasn’t treated like a prick all the time.


But it’s cheaper than shoplifting!

One of my most memorable lines from roaming Turkish markets :sweat_smile:


I don’t get it lol

Surely shoplifting is cheapest cos you’re stealing it and getting it for free?!

Edit: oh wait, they said that to say how cheap their stuff was?! Ah okay lol!

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Lol, I found the people there to be exactly the same, mate

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I wonder if it’s just an Istanbul thing because I met a lovely taxi driver from elsewhere in turkey who said the same.

Any recommendations for visiting Barcelona? I’m having a couple of days out there during the summer. I’m going to take in our friendly but also just want to see some sights and have some nice food.

Gaudi museum.
Tibi tabu
Plaça Espana
Sagrada Familia
La Ramblas
Lloret de mar beach up the road
Any number of boat trips

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Have I told you about this time I was backpacking across Western Europe?


Any of the London based OA Crowd have any tips on where a guy can pick up a decent top coat in London for a reasonable price? I’m due for an upgrade.

Zara is my go to for top coats

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What is a top coat?!

You should know! Weren’t you the one sporting a coat from Sand on the message board a few months ago?

@JakeyBoy ^

New York City! End of September. Two day work conference but staying there for a week.

And going to Valencia late November, 6 days.


Got Bali in November for 9 days so any tips / recommendations would be welcome from anyone who’s been there


Don’t like Blink’s updates

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Steer clear of kuta beach, its a shit hole, its to Australians what the terrible parts of Spain are like Benidorm etc are to the rest of Europe.

Ubud and Lembongan island are beautiful. Drugs are everywhere and you’ll regularly get offered coke and weed in broad day light keep an eye on your pockets.

I stayed in a hostel with a private poolside room and outside shower for around £15 a night.


Was there maybe 10 years ago. Kuta on the south side has vast beaches but was pretty touristy in a bad way. If you want to go diving, go to the north side - less people, great waters. East side you can take a boat to Lombok if you get tired of Bali, I think it was maybe a 3hr boat ride or so. It was a bit different, you rode into the jungle monkeys were hanging about on the road side not giving a fk about anything.

Bali is pretty small with a volcano or w/e it was in the middle. Food’s great, thought I saw Richard Gere there once at a café, walked up to him and asked if it was him, he laughed and said “did my wife set this up?” but he looked even more like him when he laughed so I didn’t know what to do and said no and left lol

People are really friendly and helpful, my gf lost her bracelet on Kuta beach, we then left for maybe 2 weeks to other places, then when we came back and spent the last couple of days there before the flight one of the pineapple girls (that walk around on the beach selling pineapples) that had chatted with my gf for like 30secs back 2 weeks ago came up to her and was like hey you lost your bracelet and gave it back to her.

You can get anything from the cheapest stays to like absolute dream luxurious cottages if depending on what you want. We went at this time of the year as well. Again, food is great. Place is pretty commercialised nowadays, it used to be more of a hippie hangout my mum told me.


Was wondering when you were going away again. It’s been at least a week since your last holiday :smile:

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