Where are you going on holiday?


Going to Amsterdam tomorrow with the wife for a weekend. She’s never been and we needed a short trip before we go to Cancun next year so Dam it is…

Flying out from London City though which is about 10 minutes from my house.


Went to Milan last year and didn’t find it that good tbh, guess I expected more.

I didn’t see a game though so you’ve got that in your favour.


To be honest I don’t have particularly high expectations of Milan anyway. If it wasn’t for the San Siro I wouldn’t be going there.

Rome was a city I absolutely loved though and one I will definitely visit again in the future.


Italian Alps in 2 weeks, 1 day and 16 hours. Not that I’m counting.

A week skiing and I miss Christmas. Doesn’t get much better.


What are your plans in Amsterdam? I think Amsterdam is great, but I always wonder what the appeal for foreigners is of Amsterdam and the Netherlands in general.

Obviously I’ve seen my fair share of drunk Englishmen in and around the red light district :sweat_smile:. That one is obvious hahaha.


Well I’m with the wife so I guess we’ll just smoke, walk about and go to whatever museums and attractions interest us and drink loads lol. I’ve done Dam a couple of times before, it’s a decent 2 day getaway.


Yeah, Amsterdam is a great weekend getaway, it has what every other european capital has, plus legal weed.


I was surprised how small Amsterdam was when I first went, been on separate occasions for a couple of days each time though and absolutely loved it.


Nice,I miss the snow. Desperate to dust off the ski’s and book something for next year!


I’ll be in Disneyworld for the next week or so with my wife. If any OA regulars are in desperate need for some Disney gifts for the holidays you can PM me and I can grab stuff in the park.