Where are you going on holiday?


Confirm Auba now


Cuellar has put in so much effort here I feel I should probably take my mrs to Valencia too.


Haha and that’s with strict limitations on the places I could recommend to him (central, no nightlife spots). Just imagine the novel I’d drop on one of you guys if you were visiting Madrid. :joy:


Off to Germany for two days! :de:


Helping Ivan to get Auba?


Don’t need his help


So you will get this thing with Auba sorted in 2 days when the people at Arsenal couldnt do it in weeks, maybe they should hire you Bl1nk! :henry2:


Best admin ever. #SaveTheMadness


@Bl1nk is offering his house and his car for Auba :poldi:


About to eat in an Italian restaurant in Valencia frequented by Alvaro Negredo, Paco Alcacer and Keanu Reeves, of all people. They were the only photos I caught of the many there.

I’m a total sucker for photos of celebs on a restaurant wall :smile:

Went to an Italian in Manhattan and saw the whole of the Sopranos cast on the wall: Scorsese, De Niro, Pacino and loads of other Hollywood stars.

Always convinces me it must be a good establishment


@AbouCuellar having been here a day I believe you now about how much you Paella Boys love gin!

Best gin and tonic I’ve probably ever had and only 5.50€ !!


Haha one of the good things about living here, cheapest and strong cocktails in Europe. Whenever we cross the border to France or go to any other country and order a gin and tonic we realise how well accustomed we are :grimacing:


Don’t go to Milan, then.


Or London. That drink I posted above would legit cost £16 and nobody would question it haha


Don’t come to Melbourne either.


Guess so because i only drink beer when i come here, apart from some wine when i go to a cool restaurant in central London.


Just booked tickets to Edinburgh and a spot on the sleeper to London. We’re coming over in August so I’m assuming it will still be cold and rainy that time of year? :facepalm:


August is the summer so it won’t be as cold as it is right now hah


Late august early September actually seems to be the best weeks of the year for sunny weather in recent times!


The view from the tallest building in the world. Greets from Dubai.