Where are you going on holiday?


Just booked up to go to Budapest next month, it’s been on the list for ages. Looks great and is as cheap as chips when you get there.

Big thanks to Trion for the recommendations on my quarter life crisis trip to India, had an amazing time and met some fantastic people!


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San Francisco for 2 weeks in April. Doing a half marathon there and probably some driving round in general.


Will get some pictures up later when I’m at home!

Two good friends have just returned from San Fran, said they had a fantastic time. Alcatraz and Silicon Valley (they’re nerds :joy::joy: ) sounding like it was one of the big highlights. Said it was expensive as fuck though. Good luck with the half marathon, have only done one before but would love to do one in another country!


Went Budapest for Stag do back in Jan. Beautiful city but it really wasn’t as cheap as I thought it would be. Was pissed majority of the time and went to a gun range which was cool as fuck (not at the same time😂). Never shot a gun before but I was better than expected. I give credit to Call of Duty back in day.


I am in Milan today. Always a beautiful city :sunglasses:


If you are going to drive around the area I would definitely go inland about 30 minutes to the Napa Valley and see some wineries and have dinner there. It’s the Mecca of the US for wine and food obviously. Plus it’s gorgeous. Also just north of the San Francisco bridge you can visit Muir Woods, Incredible place to hike, the redwood trees there are a wonder. You’ll have a lot of fun, Frisco is a great place to visit.


24 hour trip to Tasmania for the footy this weekend, beers will be sunk aplenty probably including a 9am pint at Tullamarine in 3 hours.


I got date on Sunday




Are travelling away for your date ?


If she’s not feeling it please don’t follow her home


I’m going to Rome on May 21-25


Recommend me some good healthy places to eat lol


Budapest for my birthday end of May.


Trastevere for sure. You eat some delicious spaghetti there.


He said healthy food :slight_smile:


Yeah, spaghetti are shit. Respect our traditions FFS!


I’m dieting down for a fight so I need to try to avoid too many carb heavy meals. Right now my idea of a carb heavy meal is 100g of brown rice or sweet potato. Which isn’t a lot haha.

You know what though - I’ll give whatever you recommend a shot and just try to moderate how much I eat when I’m out there.


You should also try some restaurants around Piazza di Spagna, but be careful because it is very expensive :smile:


No good roasted chicken in Rome?