Where are you going on holiday?


Off to Valencia for 4/5 nights from 3rd February.

OA hit me up with some recommendations please.


Announce selfie with Coquelin and Gabriel


Put an Arsenal scarf around Coquelin’s neck


Meet up with Luca.


Used to live there, I’ll edit this later and write down some eating/nightlife recommendations for you, if you like.


I never go with Valencia.


My girlfriend actually has a chronic health condition, so no need for nightlife recommendations haha.

But eating and drinking spots/bars would be very much welcome, thabks mate. We’re staying in an apartment about 5 minutes from Mercado Central for a bit of context, so owing to her health anything close to the centre of town would be brilliant :slight_smile:


I can’t give any recommendations as I’ve only been there once, but you and girlfriend will definitely love the city :+1:

The contrast between the old city and new is quite incredible tbh


Many of the best paella places are near the beach in malvarrosa, which isn’t technically the centre but is a 5 minute bus ride from it. Will you go there? If not I’d recommend to you La Riua which is on one of the main avenues near the centre. Casa Mondo is the famous/epic spot for a calamari sandwich, which is a classic in Valencia and Spain in general (but especially in Valencia) right in the centre, even if you don’t like calamari sandwiches it’s such a typical spot and so oozing with Spanish/Valencian culture that I’d recommend it, you can grab a spanish ham sandwich, spanish omelette (tortilla) sandwich, or whatever…and make sure when you order your beer not to order a cerveza but a caña (kahn-ya), a necessity in a place like this, without it the vibe just isn’t the same. :wink: Los Toneles (as well in the very centre) is another spot like Casa Mondo which I’d recommend, maybe even a bit better without being the epic spot that everyone knows like Casa Mondo.

Don’t know how much walking you can do with your gf, but I’d recommend walking the river (old river that ran through the middle of the city, which flooded, and they converted into a beautiful multi-km park). The Palau (Palacio) de Música is a pretty sight during the day with the park in front of it and the fountains, and you might want to check to see if there are any events there, it’s a beautiful venue in general. Further down, heading towards the beach, you have the Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias, which I’m sure you won’t miss, as it’s one of the main attractions…if it’s a nice day try to catch it at sundown, you can get some spectacular photos with the clouds moving in from the sea and the modern architecture of the museums and water in the foreground. Of course there’s all kinds of stuff on offer there in the city of arts and sciences, from the aquarium to IMAX screenings of films, the science museum, etc. In the aquarium you have an underwater restaurant but it’s a bit of a tourist trap tbh.

Finally, make sure you check out the Mercado de Colón (Mercat Colon), also near the centre. Make sure you try some chipirones (squid), very tasty in Valencia and you’ll be sure to find some good ones at the market or any decent restaurant you go to tbf. The old town I needn’t say anything as it is impossible to miss it.


Thank you so much mate, I really appreciate that :+1:


Damn, homie… you’re making me hungry. A calamari sandwich sounds dope as fuck!


I can confirm i am going back to Seville in august.


I was going to (finally) go this June/July but soon realised with the heat in Seville I’d die as soon as I got off the plane :sweat_smile:


It’s not really hot in Seville because it is not humid. For example, you have no mosquito out there.


Luca is truly a man of mystery, and of extremes. Few can match his devotion to the reporting of football scores, nor his devotion to his adopted city Sevilla, which is such that he braves it even when the purest of sevillanos dare not be closer than Huelva, so to see the air move.


I managed to visit other parts of the region that time of year, I just think walking around a city in that heat for me would be impossible haha


Man, i usually spend my afternoon in the hotel swimming pool drinking sangria and looking at girls :kos2:. I am not so crazy to go out with 40 degrees :rofl:.

Cordoba is instead fucking hot :cech:


I just love Andalucia. Great food and great places. I even told a waiter from El Papelon last august i would come back in 2018.


Hahaha fair enough man, sounds good!

Yeah i actually went to Cordoba in that heat, about 38 degrees. Was fucking beautiful but I drank about 12 bottles of water I think to stay alive


I visited the old town, with Juderia. Outstanding. I even had to translate for an italian from spanish :rofl: