Where are you going on holiday?


It is.
Rape news you get from india. 80% of those news comes from that part.
People are quite annoying up there.
Pollution reached a level that government issued a shut down few weeks ago.

Food and culture to look at yes, but I wouldn’t spend my money there.
Himachal and North East is really gorgeous; and especially for Americans & Europeans, one of the cheapest(1 dollar = 64 rupees; I pound = 80 rupees) yet totally worth place to visit.

Check out Spiti Valley -

One of many places in Himachal.Don’t know if accessible in January


Thanks @Trion, I’m there for around 4 weeks and just staying in New Delhi for a few days as that was the only place I could fly into.

Spiti Valley looks amazing and that’s exactly the sort of stuff in looking forward to on this trip!


He’s not wrong about Himachal. Heard many good things. Plan to go see it some day as long as border force aren’t hating.


In a way, it is good that you are landing there.
Delhi airport is one of best in Asia.

Delhi is located ideally for different kind of travellers as it is just 4 hours away from Jaipur which caters to travellers who like history, culture & forts.
2 hours away from Taj Mahal.

And then you can grab a touring bike from one of rental spots in Delhi, and go for a road trip because there is an entire belt you can cover up north.
Shimla, Dalhousie, Dharamsala, Leh and then ofcourse Spiti Valley.
My only concern is it would be snowing in January & much of charm of Spiti Valley would either be closed or covered with snow. You might have to wing it. Do your research.

I don’t know how much would you be looking forward to snow being a Norwegian.
If you are in mood for beaches, go for virgin beaches in Goa or Kerala.
January would be a great time to go there.


Jaipur is also definitely on the list as I want to go to the Jaisalmer and Amer Forts. I haven’t sorted a visa yet (which isn’t a problem) but the more I read, the more I discover I want to do. Tempted to knock Thailand on the head and just go for a 6 month tourist Visa and stay in India longer than the 4 weeks I originally planned.

The Snow isn’t a problem either, I love the stuff :joy:


Nice. If you are going to stay longer which means your trip will last till Feb end or March. In that case, more options would become open for you, especially North east.
This lake is usually close in Jan. Might become feasible for you. Sikkim is also a gorgeous state. Kinda like a Honeymoon state.


Ah the place where it all went wrong for me with my relationship, around the same time as well :laughing:

I went to Jaisalmer last year around 24th Jan. The weather is pleasant & cool around that time & Sam Sand Dunes is gorgeous.
If you are going to Sam dunes, Try to evade the crowd & go deep & you will find yourself in a fenced sanctuary, jump it & an entire desert will be completely for you far away from noisy crowd. Sit there & watch the sun set. That said it depends on where you reside. worked for me, might not for you.

Then There’s Meghalaya

Please don’t come to Mumbai. We are a commercial center, it is just a hub for offices. Although if you are going to spend a long time off the grid in remote locations of India, a day or two to realign yourself in one of metro cities might be helpful.

Please transition your water intake & spicy food for first few days.

I will leave you be now. Have fun researching.


Was in Basque country last week (had Wednesday and Friday holidays here in Spain thanks to the Day of the Constitution and the Inmaculate Conception–god bless catholicism!), staying in Biarritz and spending a few days having pintxos (tapas) in San Sebastián last week. Tomorrow off to Switzerland to ski in the Alps, can’t wait!

Kinda wish I was Basque, beautiful countryside and the food is amazing, San Sebastián was recently named the best gastronomic city in the world, going for pinchos there is amazing. And Basque cake (pastel vasco) is :top:


We celebrate it in Italy as well :wink:


Who’s the hottie in the last picture? Would die for a makeout sesh with that stud :heart_eyes:


Shame he is not Walcott.


Just a makeout sesh? From someone with such a deeply felt and sophisticated appreciation for Theo Walcott I’d want a bit more…

Like I said, god bless catholicism :angel:


Getaway down the Victorian Coast with the mrs for the weekend


Don’t get eaten by a shark or a penguin.


Penguins are the most dangerous animal in the world. Cook them!


Going to Dubai in less than a month to celebrate the SO’s birthday.

Also planning for an early summer trip to Turkey because it’s incredibly cheap. About 250£ per person can get you 7 nights of ultra all inclusive including travel expanses. Anyone with any recommendations?


Show me how


Ops, that’s by bus from Bulgaria.
Air transport from India would be more expensive I imagine :blush:


Even excluding air travel, 250pounds seems quite reasonable for a week.


Yep, offseason is fairly cheap (end of May, early June).

You can look at some offers here. Just translate the page to English.


Off to Budapest tomorrow for a stag do :hugs: