Where are you going on holiday?


Madrid is woefully underrated. Much nicer to explore than London, or even Barcelona for that matter!


Go to Andalucia, the best place i have ever been to!


I’ve been to a few places there before and I agree! Lots of history, beautiful landscape, welcoming people, and lots of sun haha


And cheap movida :sunglasses: :kos2:


I know, just giving you a hard time. Don’t get me wrong, I love Chicago. But I would move to NYC if I could afford it.


Hahaha and they say Americans don’t do sarcasm :smirk: where do you live now?


Olympia, Washington… we’re about 100 kilometers south of Seattle.


Not a bad place. Don’t know anything about Olympia but the Pacific Northwest is incredible and I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle. I’m a huge fan of Portland and Oregon.




Haha @Cristo is under fire from all directions today.


Yeah I need to put on my flak vest bloody hell :joy:


Well following the breakdown of my long term relationship I’ve decided to go full quarter life crisis and take some time out and just fuck off.

1 way ticket to New Delhi, India bought for the 18th January, after that I’m looking at Thailand and the Philippines. Can’t come fucking quick enough.


I love it when people buy one way tickets to the other side of the planet! :giroud3:
Might be the best thing you ever did!


@Trion take notes on how to deal with a break up


@Cristo a 100 rooms at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago?

For 4 nights? Fuck me that’s an expensive as hell wedding.


Yeah mate and it was for an entire weekend, not including everything else.

Think the total came in at something around 500 big ones, which is nuts.


:cech: :cech: :cech:


Pretty sure Trion got a one way ticket across India too.


Of all places in India, he decided for New Delhi.

I made better life decision sitting outside my ex home.

@BergkampsLoveChild check out Himachal Pradesh. Don’t waste your time with Delhi.


Lol i dunno anything about new delhi but that was funny, must be a shit hole eh?