Where are you going on holiday?


Double celebration for you: Morocco and wedding :wink:


Haha. Well bro, I’m extra excited for Russia. As soon as the draw it out I’m booking my tickets and accommodation and getting down there


Just got back from the most epic wedding in Chicago. My girlfriends stepbrother got married and I got to be an usher. It was pretty serious business because the brides family are super catholic and there were 400 people at the ceremony and the reception.

It’s extra nuts because the whole thing went from Thursday to Sunday. I got off the plane at 4pm Thursday and got to the hotel an hour after and had 20 minutes to get ready for the rehearsal and a dinner for immediate family which was hosted at the brides parents apartment on the 68th floor (lol) - see below for the view.

There was a pre-wedding reception on the Friday with a free bar and free food for 200 people which was great fun because it allowed you to meet a lot of the people before the wedding. And then the wedding itself was on the Saturday.

Due to the time zone difference I was actually able to sneak away and watch the Arsenal game while people were getting ready for the wedding itself on the Saturday.

Here’s the church, it was stunning.

Here’s the view of Lake Michigan just outside the church after the ceremony (we got crazy lucky with the weather and lighting).

Here’s the view from our hotel room

Here’s another pic of the skyline from a friends flat

And here’s one of me and my girl

I bloody love Chicago, it’s such a cool city and the best city in America if you ask me. New York can go fuck itself.

The wedding was fucking nuts. I’ve never seen anything like it, a full 4 days of events and it was hosted at the Ritz-Carlton too where the brides father had booked out over 100 rooms for friends and family.

I don’t think I’ll ever experience anything like it again and they’ve really fucked the benchmark for any wedding I go to in the future as well as my own which is annoying.


Oh here’s a video of me sneaking away to watch the Arsenal game


And here’s another one of me making a tit of myself on the dance floor



You make it sound like an achievement. Sounds like a load of ball ache for little reward


Lol awesome!! Good to have something to take ur mind off of United thrashing us. Pretty amazing bro, I’ve never been to New York or Chicago but I do love big cities. Was just telling my wife I wish we could spend a christmas or thanksgiving in a big metropolitan like that.


I’ll happily take any small amount of power given to me and doing my best to let it get to my head, even if it’s just sternly but politely telling yanks to please take their seats


Lol if that’s power then fair play. Still sounds like a chore to me


I mean I just appreciated the fact that they asked me to do it when there were literally hundreds of other men they could have asked, especially as I’m a new addition to the family and considering how seriously they were taking this wedding. Like, it was a big deal to these people and them asking me to do that for them felt like being accepted into their two families which was nice. At the end of the day it wasn’t a particularly arduous task and I like talking/meeting people so I preferred it to just sitting on a pew and looking at the stained glass windows.


Well that all sounds very different to viewing it as some sort of power.

Now you present it as being an honour of sorts, I get ya, I’d be the same with the Mrs’ extended

Still sounds like a ballache to a lazy cunt like me mind :yum:


New York and Chicago are both awesome, given you live in the same country you really should make the effort to visit.


Sorry to break it to ya but the usher position at the wedding is kinda like the “what do we do with so and so’s bf, we don’t wanna hurt his feelings, fuck it let’s make hin an usher” type deal. :smile:


What’s an usher?


Cristo sounds like a posh Briton. :uk::denmark:


Yeah man you need to visit, you’re really missing out! Everyone is so friendly in Chicago too, that famous midwestern hospitality.


Chicago is cool. But it is no NYC though, sorry. Spent many days in both.


Meh I find NYC overrated, maybe I’ve just had bad experiences but the way people circlejerk about New York is crazy IMO and totally out of proportion.


Don’t be a hipster… it’s ok to like things everyone else does. NYC has great food, people watching, Broadway shows. The museums are phenomenal. I normally hate shopping, but for some reason I love going shopping in NYC. Just thinking about it makes me what a knish with extra mustard.


Haha I’m not a hipster, I just don’t love cities like NYC. I’m not a huge fan of London or Paris for that matter, preferring cities like Lisbon and Madrid. I’m just not massively impressed with cities that can be so big and overwhelming and I honestly don’t see what NYC has that Chicago doesn’t.

The Randomly Nothing thread

Agree with you there, I hate Paris with a passion, New York is just another over priced mega city and London is just tiring. Madrid however is a wonderful place.

I like my cities a little, less city.