Where are you going on holiday?


Fowey is fucking delightful. Kernow forever!


Going to Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia fairly soon so any tips and recommendations would be awesome :thinking::slight_smile:


Make sure you eat their specialty dish Cuy Chactado, it’s to die for!


Your previous statements about not having the funds for Europa travel seem less plausible all of a sudden :slight_smile:


more plausible I’d have thought


Going to Greece next week. 20 degrees minimum temperatures. :sunglasses:


Flying out to Boston next week for 11 days with an added road trip to Ontario to see Niagara Falls, Norwegian Air offer disgustingly cheap long haul flights so paid less than £200 return.

Also at the moment I have this strong urge to visit Japan, always been on the list and flights seem fairly reasonable depending on the time of year you go, so will probably do a little more reseårch and get that organised for next year at some point.


Afytos :grin:


Damn that beach looks good


It’s a oasis. Varkes beach is the name.



Hah cool, i didn’t realise the Picadily lights were back on. Turns out they only went back on this week. :slight_smile:


Imperial War Museum and Churchill’s bedroom:


You’d never know a horrible racist slept in that room


Good job man :xhaka:



Can someone please provide a small list of must see places in Amsterdam, and a good bar to catch the NLD there. Thanks in advance.


Off on holiday in a couple of weeks for some Winter sun in Lanzarote.


Beautiful! Enjoy yourself mate!


Going to Dominican Republic for my much delayed honeymoon. Should be booked in a couple of weeks - providing work approve my holiday and the wife’s too.