Where are you going on holiday?


You say that as though there is something wrong with being a lush.






Cmon Luca I expect more outa you. I thought for sure I’d be seeing a matzo ball soup joke or something, disappoint :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@Josh is a bit of Spaghetti boy, as his roots lay in Italy :ozil2:





we should changed the thread title of this to “Where is Luca going on holiday”


Looking at GFI’s little summer adventures in this thread is my holiday.


:xhaka: Thanks ;).


Decided: i am going to Granada in october. Miss it as a city to visit in Andalucia :wink:


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:414, topic:260”]
Decided: i am going to Granada in october.
[/quote]Make sure you don’t end up in Camp Granada though :wink:


Taking a break from life (and from estate agents and trying to sell my flat :expressionless: ) Been enjoying the sea views from my cottage, it’s a good place to write my book :grin:

Before the rain came:


For the next week it’s rain rain rain. Fortunately I find it pretty therapeutic


Beautiful! Where are you?



Looks lush!


Yeah, it’s Devon. It’s been lovely for the last week. But it’s horrible today - rain and wind. I nearly got blown away on top of a cliff when I took the dog out earlier!


Devon, England’s Ibiza :wink:


That little street looks a lot like somewhere in Fowey! Love that place. The land is cheap down that way btw, you can make that one long holiday if you wanted to!


I’m off to Devon tonight after work as it happens. Another fucking wedding


Bring your :cloud_with_rain: :coat: