Where are you going on holiday?


Haha well there’s Quijote’s route!

No, mate, I’m a bit absent-minded, a little reminder would’ve helped!

Nah, can always just say he’s a little Italian I’ve adopted to make me Italian food, he would hardly contradict my story when he started talking and mentioning a food item every other word.



Have a pint of Mezquita or Alhambra if they do it in that part of Andalucia!


nooo nooo, in that heat you need to ask for a caña pequeña, if not the second half of the pint is going to be warm and toasty.

Say to the barman: ey, quillo, ponme una cañita pequeña, anda!


@AbouCuellar :wink:


University and Alcazar :ozil2:


Plaza de Espana :wink:


That’s not Sevilla, that’s Planet Naboo!



@AbouCuellar and @will24, i have found a couple of bats! I hadn’t seen them since i was a child :hipster:.

Spain is dangerous for me now.


Haha there are always bats down by the river in Sevilla! Ay, you are giving me nostalgia for my Sevillana Luca :worried:


Luca looks like a slightly confused Paul Simon.


Should have come over :wink:


Headed to Mallorca on Friday pal! Next time you’ll have to actually PM me that you are coming to Madrid :joy: instead of sending me a PM a week before saying “how are you, friend?”


Wife and I just got back from our holiday in Disney World. Since going on our honeymoon we decided to make it an anniversary spot. With no kids, we managed to get a lot done.

I know I’ve mentioned it before but it’s always nice to see the large Arsenal contingent in and around Disney World. A lot of jerseys/shirts, a lot of London accents and a few ill-advised tattoos. But I saw at least three different British guys vomiting because of the heat! You guys need to take better care of yourselves.

On a separate note, we’re looking into Brussels for a trip next year. Anyone been? Anyone have tips?


@Luca_from_Italy looks like one of my cousins. Could he be the lost branch of the Russo clan we’ve been looking for all these years?



For the most part the beer is pretty good but the city is fairly dull.

Think you’d be better off going to another northern city like Copenhagen or Berlin or even Dublin. What inspired Brussels?


Could say the same about Baltimore.

Round trip was $600 from DC. :ozil2:

Plus it looked like a doable Eurostar ride to Paris, Cologne and Amsterdam.

And if it’s a doable Eurostar ride to Paris, that puts me one Chunnel ride away from Arsenal. Basically it’s a backdoor trip to try to see a match.


Ahh very smart, I like you’re thinking.


True that, pal. Enjoy it! Going to Cordoba today :wink: