Where are you going on holiday?


I am not from Naples, you pizza margherita boy :wink:


Don’t bother with Brussels, I was there the first weekend of July and what a dump. The main square is ok and full of some ok bars but generally the place is a seedy shit hole. If you’re stuck on Belgium then Ghent or Bruges is much nicer!!

As Cristo said Copenhagen or Berlin are both two fantastic places that I love! Dublin will be heavy on the wallet but is still fun!


Córdoba is absolutely lovely, one of my favourite cities! Make sure you go to the old Jewish quarter, the mosque of Córdoba and the Plaza de la Corredera :smiley:

There’s probably more but that’s all I can think of right now!


Only for you ;). Jamon :giroud2:


Here we go! :giroud3:


You have posted that many pictures of your holiday Luca I feel that I have been there with you hah.


Cheers mate!


Probably the most cooling place in Córdoba I’d imagine :laughing:


It was fucking hot inside! :grimacing:



Sangria! Our lads’d better not to drink it tonight. Just focus on the game :sanchez2:


Tinto de Verano ahhhh! @AbouCuellar I think i need to learn spanish and live here. Fuck Italy :wink:


Luca’s treating this forum like Instagam :laughing:


Lol! It is just one thread. Learn the difference :xhaka: :hipster:


Haha my apologies. This thread. Hope you’ve had a good time :grinning:


Didn’t want to have a dig at you. You are a good user :wink:
Yeah, Seville and Andalucia are just lovely!


Going down to Cornwall this weekend!

Falmouth here I cooooooooome

(not gonna lie, I really need the time away from my girlfriend and my parents and just get to spend some time with a couple of my mates)


Sangria to celebrate the win :ozil2:


I don’t know if go back to Andalucia or go to London to watch Arsenal in october :thinking:


a lot of Lucas’s photos with beer sangria etc…i think he is a lush!