Where are you going on holiday?


Iceland is a must on the bucket list.


Cute that you went to visit @Arsenal4thetreble’s hometown.


Golf GTI on Norwegian plates… yours I take it @BergkampsLoveChild ? Nice wheels! :slight_smile:

Iceland looks absolutely stunning! :heart_eyes:

P.S. I wonder if Clarkson and co have been to that road… Looks like a Stelvio/Transfagarasan contender. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fuck me I’d love to cycle up that!


I’d prefer to cycle down it






Are you and @AbouCuellar going to meet @Luca_from_Italy ? :santi2:


I am going to Seville, while i guess he is staying in Madrid :hipster:


That plane to Sevilla must be flying awfully low if you managed to take a photograph of the Bernabeu on your way there.


It is indeed :smile: I managed to arrive fairly early in the morning so aside from a few people camping in the area it was quiet, so I did get a good few runs up and down before the brakes started to suffer.


There was actually a guy cycling up when I was there, took him just under 30 minutes I think. Not my cup of tea but fair fucks to him!


Ah shit Luca I totally forgot about this, you should’ve sent me a PM. :confused: Anyways I’m swamped with work (only two more days until I get out of this infernal heat again, Mallorca and Valencia await :sunglasses:) atm, but still, would’ve at least taken an hr to meet your crazy cannoli ass.

I do find it funny that you spent your limited time going all the way from Atocha to the Bernabéu though. :joy: Football fanatic to the death, you are.


I took a plane from Venice to Seville, then a train from Madrid to Seville :wink:


I sent you a PM, you paella boy! Next time :wink:


@AbouCuellar, why does Castilla-La Mancha look so bloody empty? There is nothing out there!


This is the PM you sent me, you nutter you. I mean a PM to the tune of:

Heyy, Cuéllar, so on so and so date I get into Madrid let’s have a beer, what’s your whatsapp so we can coordinate?


I thought you understood the message :wenger:


He probably wasn’t comfortable acting like a Cuellar family member, so that you wouldn’t have to explain yourself to people you know and accidentally run into…