Where are you going on holiday?


:joy: you’re one fucked up guy

Wouldn’t mind some recommendations from you for your island. I should come and visit one day, but could do with some good suggestions as I don’t fancy that sectarian shithole Belfast.


Ahhh that’s a bitch. At least you’ve got a dapper wardrobe now!

I get pretty much all my basics from Uniqlo. The quality compared to the price is fantastic, and if something wears out it’s cheap enough that you can just replace it no big deal. Plus the style is nice and the cuts of the clothes are clean, nothing too fancy or flamboyant. Good shit.


I fucking hate Belfast, I used to enjoy it more when I was younger but it’s not worth it anymore. If you were in NI, one day in the city would be enough. NI is a small place but the North Coast is lovely, if you ever end up I’d recommend it as a truer representation of the country than the city tbh. Even though I went to Uni up there, on a nice day around the North Coast the contrast between blue and green and the magnificent coastlines blow you away.


One thing certainly been confirmed in this thread, @Cristo really does live up to the name of Handsome Cristo :cristo:

I’ve been to Scotland a long time ago, mostly to Fife and Edinburgh. Top places. I loved it there. Would like to go back again some day.

Right now the only thing I could thing of to go to Northern Ireland would be the North West 200 @Castiel :sweat_smile:


Would love to go Scotland one day. Highlander thundercunts :hipster:


Goto one of the national parks if you’re that way inclined. Dartmoor, Yorkshire dales, Peak District, Lake District, Brecons all recommended


Cristo joining Eastenders confirmed


Trentino, a very famous holiday destination in Italy. A weekend for me :slight_smile:


you seem to travel a lot, who do you normally go with?


Alone or with friends.


I really want to travel and see more of the world but I’m one of those people that has all these plans but they never happen


I am at Parma pre-season training camp.


Nice shots @Luca_from_Italy


Cheers mate :wink:


I will be mostly staying in Essex with a trip to Chessington thrown in with the family.


@AbouCuellar and @will24, i am going to Seville tomorrow!


Ready to go!



Santiago Bernabeu :wenger:


Just a few little snippets from the weekends road trip around Iceland. I live in Norway so I’m used to seeing some fantastic nature and scenery but fuck me Iceland is on another level! We even managed to get up into the highlands and drive on the F roads which was so much fun especially having to cross the rivers. The bottom picture is the Black Sand beach…A Game of Thrones film location, that place was so beautiful.

These are from another road trip I did the other weekend to Trollstigen (The Trolls Ladder) it’s about an 8 hour drive from Bergen where I live but the entire return journey took me around 24 hours due to various road closures.