Where are you going on holiday?


I m envious. But i am gonna beat you with Seville in august :wink:


I’m going Tenerife next month.


I’ve been to Seville in August. It was about 45 degrees and my mate got heatstroke. Nice city though.


Don’t like place like Barcellona or Ibiza. Too mainstream. Seville is also cheaper.


Nice one Phoebica! Looks like decent weather too :smiley:


Fucking holiday hipster. :wink:


It was @AbouCuellar who convinced me to go to Seville ;).
You have great movida in Seville, as well.




You should try San Sebastián or Galicia (Santiago de Compostela o La Coruña) next time, man, less overwhelming heat in August and also beautiful cities with interesting cultures. (the gallegas are nice too–though not everyone shares this feeling with me)

Agree with you on Barcelona or Ibiza, though, I sometimes go to Barcelona cause I have friends/had a girlfriend there and do it without having to deal with touristic crap, but still, the amount of tourists there is annoying. And yeh, fuck Ibiza, Mallorca >>> Ibiza.


Going here as well, as you said, it’s gonna be so hot :mustafi:

Would love to visit Northern Spain, tbh.


@AbouCuellar, i will have almost 4 hours free before catching the train from Atocha to Seville. Is Puerta del Sol so far away from Atocha? Would like to visit it.


Heading to Tasmania this weekend for a blokes weekend/ AFL game, then Sydney the weekend after for Arsenal.


Nice! How are you finding it?


No, it’s a short, short walk. If I’m in Madrid and available we can meet for a drink and I’ll show you the centre quickly.


Cool! It would be great so i could abuse you with food names directly :poldi:


Could you please film this?


Maybe just took a photo :wink:


Ah I need to go to Seville. Been to so many places in Spain, but not there.


Where have you been lady?


Speaking of San Sebastián, stopped there for lunch on the way back from Bordeaux on Sunday:

Photo going down in 3, 2, 1…