Where are you going on holiday?


Are you the fruity looking one on the right?


Nah, he is the dot you see right at the back of the sea


I sure ain’t the panchito in the middle, I’ll tell you that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (could use the white power salute emoji right now…)


Are you going to keep that photo up for more than a day for a change @AbouCuellar ? :grin:

Looking good bro.

This thread makes me feel ridiculously under travelled


Haha nice one, looks like you had a good time! :grin:


It looked our chorizo friend had a day out with Lewis Hamilton :giroud3:


Always fun to hang out with your Asian friends…


Where haven’t I been? :henry2:

Honestly though, I notice a lot of people love Madrid. I found Madrid quite dull, and tiny! And I am not just talking about Cristiano Ronaldo…


Just took a shower and was planning to take it down now, actually, as the paranoia was starting to come…

Travelling is overrated, it’s a form of modern day slavery, or so said Jean Luc Godard. At least that’s what I tell myself when I don’t travel so much.

I don’t understand this comment, my Asian friend. [quote=“Phoebica, post:271, topic:260”]
Honestly though, I notice a lot of people love Madrid. I found Madrid quite dull, and tiny!

You asians never get Madrid.


Have you ever been to Valencia?


They are as Asian as me :xhaka:

I was meaning to ask you actually, I went to Madrid for New Year one year, do you do the 12 grapes in 12 seconds thing?


Yes, that is just a spanish thing in general (tbh I don’t really do it, cause I don’t like eating grapes enough to have 12 in such a short time period. I do have prawns, though, which is another tradition here, because prawns are tasty). Though I don’t do it in Sol, as I’m not a tourist or a masochist.


Really? :giroud:

So is that 12 prawns in 12 seconds by the way?


Do they even belong to Spain anymore?


Why do you take your photos down @AbouCuellar ?

Also, is Seville much of a holiday destination or more a City that you can stop and pass through after a few days?


We came back last week. It was pretty nice, Gozo especially. It had a real local feeling. Malta’s urban area on the other hand lacked soul, too much construction going on. But we only spent a day there, probably a lot more to see. We didn’t really go for the clubbing. I followed you up on the Rivareno and Ta’xbiex tips, even took a commemorative cheers photo for you from the terrace in Ta’xbiex but can’t find it, I will post it later if it pops up. Best calamari I’ve had in Ta’xbiex. Gozo also offered some really nice local restaurants and excellent service. Had a brilliant french Rose in Gozo, which at 11 euros per bottle was a fucking steal (6 euros in the store). Overall, if I go again, I’d pick Gozo again and would look into other parts of the main island.


Because he’s weird lol


Yeah Malta is like one huge city but you’ve got to get to know it. I remember hating it on my first day there as well. There’s a lot of investment and renovation going on so that explains some of it.

Glad you liked my suggestions!!


It is a city with many great squares and monuments. It’s not only about nightlife (it is great though :smiley: ).


Madrid is easily my favourite Spanish city. Seville is pretty close though. Barcelona is cool and vibrant but too busy and crowded to properly enjoy