Where are you going on holiday?


I am envious :xhaka: :hipster:. Nice one mate though!


Going to New Brunswick.


Las Vegas in September and a day in San Fran :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


:grin: :ok_hand:t2:


Just come back from :switzerland: , amazing country. One of the best countries in Europe hands down, just those prices :grimacing:


Out of interest, why do you think this? I do like Switzerland, I’ve probably been at least 30 times, in fact I’ve literally lost count. But there’s something I find a little bit sanitary about it, dare I say slightly soulless.

I feel like it lacks the character of Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Britain for example, all of which I prefer as countries. I suppose it depends on what your criteria for best is.


Neutral fucks


I’ve only been to the Bernese Alps and i’m into hiking / amazing diverse scenery, so it’s up there with the best for that. If you’ve been to Switzerland 30 times :open_mouth:, I guess you can’t disagree, or else you’re loaded, or have amazing parents :smile: I’m jealous! My most visited country is Germany and that’s probably only about 10 or so


I know where I’d go in Switzerland given the chance. The revolving restaurant of Piz Gloria on top of a mountain that featured prominently in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. :wenger:

It appeared in the film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service as the headquarters of James Bond’s nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld.


Boring I know, but me and a gang of lads from the Isle of Man are off to Chester races this weekend. Anyone got any tips? :slight_smile:


Seville again in august! Vamos!


I worked there for three years in Rethymnon and went back a few times after as well.
Great place and I met some really nice people, who i still keep in touch with.
I did do a training course in Malia and wouldn’t rush back there, It’s full of Pubs serving English breakfast all day and lunatics drinking and fighting, but the rest of the island is brilliant, especially the South, which is often a lot quieter.


character :question:


Ahh yes I probably didn’t give enough consideration to the countryside/mountains etc. It really does have some outstanding levels of natural beauty. I was probably thinking more of the cities, my most visited spot is Geneva. Which is very clean and pretty nice looking, but has very little vibe to it.

Haha I’m not loaded at all. I’ve been so many times because my uncle and his family have lived out there for my whole life (he works at CERN on the large hadron collider), I used to go every year for our summer holidays and most years for Christmas too, so that’s why at the age of 27 I’ve been there so many times.

Glad you had a great holiday :slight_smile:


I lived there for 4 years and felt exactly the same way. Our neighbours were like policemen, everything was so sterile and clinical.

They’re surprisingly xenophobic as well.

Anyway here’s a snap from when I was on the amalfi coast.

Ironically I’m going to Lucerne with my girlfriend and her parents in a couple of weeks, which I am quite looking forward to. It’s a beautiful country but I’d never live there again.



Pizza boy! :wink:


You seemed to have lived everywhere @Cristo ! Certainly well travelled :grin:


Haha yeah dad’s job moved us round loads so I’ve seen my fair share :grin:


Currently sunning myself in Tenerife. Been here 5 days, another 6 to go :sunglasses: