Where are you going on holiday?


Santa Croce Church, Pitti Palace, the Arno river above everything.
Ribollita, tagliata, Florentine steak and wines as cuisine :wink:


I’ve been to Japan twice and I dunno why I always hear people saying that’s it’s ridiculously expensive. It’s not. The prices in Tokyo are comparable to a major European city and if anything slightly cheaper.


Off to Ibiza next week. Cant wait!


Lucky cunt :poldi:


I am going with my 2 year old so won’t be the holiday you are possibly thinking about lol


Still a good one though ;). Enjoy yourself :wink:


Off to Crete today!! In the airplane as we speak. :kroenke:


Enjoy yourself mate!




Going to Lanzarote in two weeks for my friends stag. :beers:


Quite like Alpha beer, but I’m more of a Mythos man myself!

Enjoy your holiday mate :grinning:


Lucky tool :sanchez2:


Lake Tahoe and Yosemite in about 10 days :grinning:


Typical american :wink:


You bet your sweet Pepperoni ass Luca, it’s only about an 8 hour drive north of me, so gotta take advantage of that when you can.


Never been to the USA :hipster:


The US of A is a stunning country in places. Shame about the homosapiens that populate it though.


To the pub. The way the weather has been, it’s defo beer drinking weather


You have no idea, my son.


Crete is lovely!