What's your go to beverage?


I find it a bit remarkeble how many beers there actually are around the world. Except for Heineken I don’t know any for those brands mentioned in this thread :smile:.

Belgian beers for me btw. Affligem, Duvel, Leffe. All great.


This beauty is life :sunglasses:


Hate German beer. Tastes horrible and they never learn from the past.


Auckland airport brews, despite the fact it’s a Belgium beer :joy:.


Ha! Love a wife beater.


Most Cornish ciders to be honest. Not any of that magners or strongbow dogs piss.


Thatchers cider. Gin and tonic. Sauvignon blanc. and coffee by the bucketload


Can’t stand cider. Love coffee.


Gin and tonic is my go to drink but before that I’m a beer guy.

Really into a beer called Cwtch from a brewery called Tiny Rebel. Fantastic stuff, it a red ale and really is very good.


Wifebeaters a masterful beer, inspired A Streetcar Named Desire if I’m not mistaken.
Dunno why it gets so much hate.


Hmmm well yeah some people believe the term “wifebeater” comes from the character Stanley getting drunk and beating up his wife, Stella. Not so sure Tennessee Williams was actually inspired by Stella Artois though, but you never know :grin:


Gin and Tonic…wtf?

Next you’ll be telling me you carry a Chihuahua in your purse


Gin and Tonics are the fucking one mate


Yeah if your name’s Peggy Mitchell


I’ve tried to be one of those swanky cunts that gets a gin and tonic but no matter how hard I try I can’t stand either substance.


Having a couple of gin and soda waters myself this evening. Cracking drink.


What do you drink then macho man?


MM digs a craft beer I reckon.


Vodka for me. Or Raki if going all in (Turkish heritage)

Im susceptible to a cider in the pub though


Beer or red wine for me.