What's your go to beverage?


I was just enjoying this delicious 18 year old scotch and thought I’d share. What is your favorite drink? Yeah I guess non alcoholic beverages count too :innocent:


Guinness. Only draught though. Don’t like the bottled stuff.


I drink a lot of craft beers around the house and on the rare occasion when I’m out with friends, mostly local IPAs. Also Jameson on the rocks at times. Out to dinner, I’ll usually have a Manhattan to get rolling and a glass of wine with my food.

I’m 39 with a family and son so my social life is pretty lame.


Haha I realized after I posted that I asked what the go to drink is. And I’m more like you than anything. Any good Bourbon or Scotch really, Laphraoig is my favorite. I also like a nice Knob Creek or Makers Manhattan before dinner as an aperitif, wine with dinner and Ouzo or Sambuca after.


OG Kush


I tend to drink lager most often. Starpramen, Peroni and Heineken are my favourites out of the beers most often found on tap in pub. I also like Greenwich Meantime and Camden Hells if they’re available.

Gin is the only spirit I regularly drink. Hendricks and tonic with cucumber :ok_hand:


Vodka + coke


Don’t really like beer except for Budweiser



I guess he really likes frogs.


Going through a fruity ale phase. Punk IPA is a ting.


If I’m after a pint in a pub, I’ll go for either Guinness or San Miguel.

If I’m after something stronger then single malt whiskey with water or ice. I’m feeling the Islay malts right now, smokey whiskeys have so much flavour.

I do love trying different stouts and porters where possible too. The Harp behind the English National Opera (Covent Garden) has a good variety of different ales, stouts and whatnot.

My mate once saw Benedict Cumberbatch walking down the alley behind the pub after a show at the theatre, pretty sweet I guess.

In terms of non-alcoholic drinks, I fucking love pineapple juice (which also has some other useful properties :smirk:).


Show me the Ribena!!!

For me, it is a great cocktail of Irn Bru and Orange Juice.

Can be any kind of orange juice, but I use 5 alive.


= Success. Looks and tastes incredible. Give it a try lads.


You Scots are fucking savages


At least it wasn’t buckie.


@Electrifying Irn Bru. Way to be a stereotype dude! :wink:

Had my first Ribena in a while today. Lovely blackcurranty goodness. :wine_glass:


I like sipping Whiskeys especially bourbon, Favourite so far is Buffalos trace Bourbon. I tell you what i would LOVE to try but they are so rare and expensive here in the UK is Goose Island Bourbon stout, it almost like a higher quality guiness which is put in bourbon barrels sometime the alcohol content gets up to like 15% which is really amazing, supposed to be really rich and velvety.


Gin! I absolutely love gin. I wish I liked whiskey, my old man loves the stuff and has quite a few different types but I just don’t like the stuff…at all.

In terms of beer there’s a huge market here in Norway for craft beers. So I don’t normally stick to a specific brand but try whatever is on tap which isn’t very often at £12/13 a pint.


If you can ever get your hands on a gin called 209. It’s from San Francisco so maybe not, but I’d recommend it. Delicious.


Enjoy several types of Beer, for non beer probably a nice scotch would be next in line…


I would opt for a craft pale ale, maybe a Doombar, Tribute or Seafarers.

Gin is good. So is a martini.