What's your go to beverage?


I’m not a massive drinker by any means (spans months without having one) but during the summer I’m partial to a bottle of Hoegaarden or Peroni. Winter/Christmas is more for Bailey’s, a bit of shortbread to go with it if I’m feeling dangerous. Savage.


I’m a teacher, I just have an intravenous drip of coffee.


So much win in this thread.

Budweiser though… @Calum really? Have you tried Staropramen? Or, anything?


Seriously yeah, a bottle of fucking Bud.

I am back in China for a short visit, and last night someone bought me a Bud and I was wishing to god they’d opted for a shitty Chinese beer. To be fair, all these kinds of beers are disgusting. Like walking into a pub and all they have on tap is Fosters, Heineken, and Carling. I’d rather just order a coke.


Each to their own and all that, but I would never lump Heineken in with Fosters and Carling, it’s much better than that.

Do you even particularly like lager? Cos if not then it makes more sense to me that you’d group them together.


Heineken is the one.


Fair enough because no I don’t like Larger. :sunglasses:


There’s a beer from the east coast of the US called Shipyard Smashed Blueberry. On the nose I kid you not it smells like blueberry pancakes, and it tastes a lot like Newcastle with a slight hint of blueberry. It’s an amazing beer. I’m gonna be looking out for a lot of the beers mentioned in here, always up to try a new beer, especially at holiday time.


You’re that cunt who makes me walk to the kitchen on a busy Saturday evening to go get garnish for your pretentious bollocks choice aren’t you. Have a fucking sapphire and piss off.

That said, Kraken for me. Even neat, Beautiful.


Get me what I fucking want bar boy


Heineken is way better than Carling, Fosters. I love an ice cold Heiny on a hot summers day.


Just don’t like beer. Would prefer a cider or a vodka.

Bud is the only one I like if I fancy one for a change.


Well since xmas is upon us i will be drinking Jack daniels winter spice. But general drink Budweiser,corona,peroni, guinness


Quit drinking like a decade ago, had enough for a life time in my youth. Used to prefer… uh. ‘earthy’ tastes, none of that fruity stuff. IPAs weren’t a thing then but they taste like someone ground inedible flowers into a regular beer to me, not really my thing (no offense) :smiley:

For beer I liked them uncomplicated, Heineken or Czech stuff like Staropramen and Starobrno were good.
For something a bit finer a smokey Scottish whiskey would be my type of thing.

Nowadays I just drink soda water or soft drinks. Occasionally a non-alcoholic at a bbq in the summer or something.

They (non-alc) used to all taste like crap but nowadays there are some that are ok, Staropramen’s non-alcoholic is alright. A key thing is that they’re not exactly 0%, whatever they do to get them to 0% ruins the thing completely imo.


Same story for me, I haven’t been drunk for well over 10 years now. I have nothing against alcohol really, as long as sensible drinking is applied. Problem is that my body could absorb a lot of it, without ever having to throw up. Not a good combination haha.

I can occasionally have one beer though and mostly I prefer a darker brew. There’s quite a few good German beers out there but I must say that a pint of Old Speckled Hen is hard to resist!
No offence, but American beers are just awful. Buds or Coors are only to be used when wanting a fast intoxication. Can’t believe that it is allowed to be labelled beer instead of what it really is. Water.

Non-alcoholic beers I appreciate though, even there arnt that many to choose from. Heineken had a 0,5 a few years back that was really good but haven’t seen it for some time. Carlsbergs is ok and a local brewery here has really succeeded in making a good darker 0,5 brew.

I have a soft spot for a White Russian too haha.


Cmon man, american beers as you refer to them have evolved mightily. You guys will probably never be able to get your hands on them but there are a ton of amazing craft brews being made out here recently. Fig Mountain, Ballast Point, Stone Brewing, just to name a few.


The non alcohol free beer market has come quite a way in the last few years. Theres a few over here that are very good and you’d eve be hard pressed to tell if they are alcohol free or not.


I guess most people will just refer to the traditional things you call beer as craft beers are very much also a thing here, but are mostly more on the premium side in terms of how much they cost and not really something you’d spend a whole evening drinking.


Oh yeah same here, but people don’t care. That’s what is hot and trendy ATM. Most younger people here will go out to pubs and gastro pubs and drink craft beer all night.


Tbf I’d do the same if the alternative was Bud Light :smiley: