What's your go to beverage?


I too was a lager lout but since lager in the uk is mostly tasteless bile ,unless u can get a cold Stella its cider Pint of Bow or thatchers for me ,hate Aspalls .
I can understand whiskey drinkers preferences but the new fangled Vodka and Gin brand crazes leave are stupid in the extreme and dont get me going on what tonic to put in the fucking gin or vodka cos it doesnt fucking matter .


Well there are varying degrees of quality between tonics, and some tonics have flavouring too. Don’t get me wrong I’m not fussy and will usually get what’s cheapest considering the price of a fucking drink in London, but the tonic you put in can make a clear difference.


Developed a taste for white rum recently.

Whenever I have a cold I turn to wray and nephew to see me through the dark times.

But on a day to day basis it’s water or a scoop or two of gold standard whey.



If the tonics a difference you dont have enough Gin/Vodka in it mate , but saying that in London yes the price means u may not have enough .
None of em make a difference when u inject with them except if you have a gin infused with fruits you end up hanging around old compton street all night !


Drinking prices in Melbourne are on par and probably higher than prices in London :eyes:. Unless of course its gone up a fair fit in London over the last 4 years since I have been ?


For lagers I usually drink estrella, Peroni, or Heineken. Not massively fussy if I’m honest, but if I’m at a pub they are the three beers that I’ll look out for. I also quite like ales, so from time to time will go for a pint of London Pride or IPA.

As for spirits I’m more a whiskey man, never really got into rum or vodka if I’m honest. I’ll always go for a scotch whiskey, as I honestly can’t stand Bourbon whiskey. Not particularly into Irish whiskey aswell.


Had bottles of Corona with lime in it the last few times I’ve been out and liked it a lot. It’s now my drink of choice in pubs :sunglasses: So the above statement is now incorrect :wink:


@CunningLinguist Es zeigt sich, dass die Briten keinen Geschmack für Bier haben.

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Lol that’s what we drink on the beach in Cali bruh!! Although you’ve never lived if you aren’t scarfing down a couple tacos with that Corona.



Naja, man muss ihnen das schon ein wenig nachsehen. Sie haben halt nichts besseres. Und irgendwann hat man sich Foster’s, Heineken und Becks wohl schöngetrunken.

Kannst du was aus Österreich empfehlen? Bin sicher 6-7 Jahre nicht mehr da gewesen und kenne mich dementsprechend fantastisch aus. :grin:


Yeah in Melbourne you are looking at anywhere between $8-$10 for a pint for most beers. I remember last time in London I was often paying between 3 and a half and 4 quid.


That’s basically a german thread. You can’t beat them to drink :xhaka:



Murauer oder Trumer, wobei auch so Marken wie Gösser und Wieselburger ganz gut und weiter verbreitet sind. Ich muss aber auch sagen, dass ich ganz gern ein Tegernseer von den Nachbarn im Norden trink :slight_smile:

Ja, das stimmt wohl wenn @JakeyBoy zu holländischem Bier greift, @Calum Limo trinkt und @Persona jedes unserer Worte übersetzen wird (Grüß dich Herr Doktor).


English? :wink:


Mal schauen, ob das in Norddeutschland erhältlich ist. Wird vermutlich eher schwierig. Mit Tegernseer meinst du sicher das Hofbräu oder? Das ist in diesem Hause auch ein willkommener Gast. :wink:


Something “our” something something “great you Mr Doctor?” :neutral_face:


Oh very fucking funny. :bellerin:


@PPB Q.e.d., mit Speck fängt man Mäuse. :arteta:


Du ist flagged. :ozil2: