What's your go to beverage?


Jo, deren Exportbier

Gibt es jeden Montag Abend.

Genau deswegen mag ich den Doc

Jetzt müssma aber wieder in ihrer Sprache reden, sonst werdma noch verwarnt.


Alright my German speaking chums, back to English please :gunnersaurus:


Can always count on Mysty to lay some good cop smackdown.


[quote=“Oliver, post:67, topic:720, full:true”]
Can always count on Mysty to lay some good cop smackdown.
[/quote]Tagging a staff member would’ve been a lot easier than flagging 8 posts though :gabriel: I thought something proper serious was going down on the Forum :poldi:


Think one report might have done the job @Oliver :joy:


Called it…

fuck you @Oliver… if anything the beverage thread should be our own safe space :smile:


@Persona, do you like german beers? :xhaka: :bellerin:


Persona doesn’t drink alcohol :wink:


@shamrockgooner @Mysty In truth i was on a very long bus ride home, and thought it would be amusing to see how quickly i could get the mods to assemble.

I must say, i am impressed with your response times chaps. :smile:

Edit: @PPB sorry :smile: :smile: :smile:




Ribena or nothing.


I forgot you are a Ribena boy :xhaka:


Naja, dass die ogsoachte Brunzkachel nix besseres zu tun hat als zu denunzieren, wundert wirklich niemanden.
@Mysty @shamrockgooner Am I being deported to Mexico now?


Badger beers such as Hopping Hare and Tanglefoot are my faves

Guys, English only on here please, we don’t have many rules but that’s one of them


Worse, Croydon.



Ha! Whos who?


Ha. @Mysty @shamrockgooner get picking lads :wink:


Leper is Thor…Banhammer.


@Mysty is Iron Man, tech geek!