What's your go to beverage?


Tried a dominican rum with coke today. Very good!


All the bitches drink Vodka out here lol, you chase it with cranberry juice too?? :grin:



White rum? Because I feel like every (white) rum and coke is the same :slight_smile:.

That talk about male/female drinks is rubbish anyway. Drink what you enjoy.


Straight into the eye like Eyeball Paul


Vodka’s about as fucking manly as it gets. Comparing Vodka and Gin is like comparing the Soviet Union to a YMCA changing room.


This is something 15yo me would be saying.

Dunno what’s so ‘manly’ about Vodka.


I genuinely thought you were like 15.




Well first of all vodka is distilled to be a neutral spirit. What’s the point? It doesn’t taste like anything. It’s for mixing or just getting fucked up. Gin, Whisky, Rum, Tequila, all have a definitive flavors and a lot of different variations.


Well, gin is called the housewife’s ruin/mother’s ruin for a reason.

Reading this thread is pretty funny, as if drinking gin and tonics is somehow either classy or tough. Next you’ll be telling me how upper-class prosecco is.


Gin is all the rage with my mates these days, most of whom didn’t even have a predilection for spirits in their university years. Since they are now all entrenched in the upper-ish echelons of society but still not in their fortys, they’re all drinking gin all off a sudden, planing cucumbers into that shit like there’s no tomorrow. Beats me, really. More of a whisky guy myself.



Guess so. They offered me it and tried it :wilshere:


Haha I don’t know where you’ve got this from.

All I’ve seen is a few guys say that they like to drink gin and then basically get called feminine for their preference. We aren’t the ones trying to draw a link between what we drink and the size of our cocks haha


Is the YMCA reference about homosexuality? And you’re equating homosexuality with not being manly?

Just want to be clear what on earth this bizarre analogy means lol.




Sorry, I can’t hear you from up here in my ivory tower with my tumbler of Johnnie Walker Gold Label.


I’m just trying to work out what Castiel meant, and am asking before drawing conclusions about what his joke means lol. I’m not calling him a homophobe or having a go at him ffs, you can chill out on the caps lock. Besides, I don’t care about your opinion of what I post.


lol k.


I’ve got a tumblr of gin


I’m glad you two lads do not allow outdated societal concepts like “appropriate time of day for strong acoholic beverages” to get in the way of your love of spirits. :grinning: