What's the last video game you played?

Same. Looks really good. :ginger:

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How is that possible? I’ve been trying to replay the first 3 and getting frustrated. So much harder than more modern ones. Sometimes need to be just too exact with a jump. But I will complete all 3. Never did the first time round as mostly played at friends.

Do you genuinely find the original 3 harder than the newest one (Crash 4)? I do think they made the remake of the original 3 (n sane trilogy) a bit harder than the original versions of those games but I still think Crash 4 is significantly harder.

Haven’t played 4 yet. I was just talking in general to other modern similar games. I got the 3 on the switch and I keep thinking to myself, Damon I don’t remember it being this hard.

Yeah they definitely made the games harder than the PS1 original versions. 4 is much harder again lol I can get through 1-3 pretty easily but 4 is just mental at times, particularly if you are trying to get 100%. I actually think 4 is a bit too hard. You can play witg or without a life count which is helpful because some of the later levels I’d be losing like 40-50 per level :sweat_smile:

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Just downloaded this today, interested to see how it plays

Don’t expect toooooo much gameplay wise, this one is definitely more about the vibe.

Been playing Cyberpunk. Really good so far, I’m enjoying the experience although the story mode hasn’t quite clicked and engrossed me much too yet.

Got AC: Valhalla on stand by for when I finish this. What’s peoples thoughts on it?

Multiversus. I know a game is on to a winner when everyone in the house enjoys it. Free to play, characters for days, easy to pick up & play but hard to master. Can only see it growing into a massive game with a huge library of characters.

The one major thing missing at the moment is online co-op from the same console (there is local play and online co-op). Would also like to see 3v3 at some point.