What's the last video game you played?

I’ve not played it, but it seems to be pretty much universally regarded as brilliant. So much so I almost feel able to recommend it to you despite having not played it lol


I haven’t finished it waiting for the ps5 upgrade to finish it.

But what I did play it was enjoyable but combat becomes abit repetive.

If it’s on sale grab it thought.

Bit like an Assassins creed with repetitive combat then? I find those games struggle really with combat, my fave was Ryse, that also had some amazing visuals

it is like a better assassins creed with ninjas


Been enjoying God of War so far. At the point where that witch who lives in a tree/tortoise helps you open up a portal to the 9 alternate realities or whatever they call them.

The axe throwing mechanic is big fun. Summoning it after lobbing it at some fuckers head is definite Thor vibes and I’m here for it.


Can’t believe you picked it you pleb

Horizon zero dawn? Since u liked my post about that the other day?

Haha. I’ll definitely get round to it for sure, I just felt like it was gonna be a pretty intense experience and I was in the mood for something a bit more chill first.

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That’s fair, when you’re prepared to feel, I mean really “feel” then you pick up TLOU. Also are you buying these games, both are free on ps5, I know that contingent on owning a PS5 but if you’re going to put moneys towards a bunch of older games might be better put towards the actual console.

Also both are on PSNOW.

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Bought TLOU for like 5-7 quid and God of War about 15 perhaps. Fairly small amounts. Getting a PS5 would be great, but I’d also need to invest in a 4k telly. I’ve got too many significant expenditures coming up in the next six months to justify a new telly and a PS5 haha. If it was just the console, maybe.

There are enough games on the PS4 I wanna play to enable me to get a couple years out of the console probably, considering I got it fairly recently. I have an Xbox One as well so there might be a game or two I wanna play on that.

The PS5 can drop in price and there will have been time for the library to grow too.

@Electrifying I gave you the like cos I watched some gameplay footage after seeing your recommendation and it does look like it’d be right ip my street


Rocket League. This game is fucking fun

Any Red Dead Online players on here?

Im about an hour into ghost of Tsushima, wow already

Predator Hunting Grounds is free on psn.

Anyone tried it? 1 v 4 asymmetrical shooter, I’m having loads of fun with it.

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Yeah really enjoying it. Alot better then I thought it would be an alot off fun playing as either fireteam or predator


It’s a great game mate. Nothing repetitive about it. You unlock new stances and skills throughout the story and like in recent action RPG’s you can customise your abilities to your preference. Every NPC gives you a decent challenge and the variety of enemies and combat styles is good. The storytelling is excellent as are the visuals and gameplay. You can decide between a combo of stealth and gung ho tactics and the NPC’s have a decent chance to take you out tbh. It can get sticky very quickly. Judging by the replies on here people have pretty badly undersold the game. AC has never reached this level.

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Deathloop is fun AF

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It’s a very good example of a free game, I remember looking at it when it was first coming out and thinking that looks fun but I’m not paying full price for something like that. Apparently it had a very bad release too and got slammed.

It’s been out long enough that bugs are worked out but not too long that nobody cares, servers are full and they can make some money with microtransaction.

Great way to re-ignite a game that looked DOA and something Sony needs to keep in mind with it’s monthly games. Also Hitman 2 a pretty generous offering as well.

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I got it, and fucking love it. It’s fantastic, everytbjng you said absolutely true!

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Yeah I looked at when it came out aswell but didnt think it would last most mulitplayer games just don’t seem to last so at least still as a user base.

My only gripe with the game is the slow connection times