What's the last video game you played?

There’s no point getting a PS4 Pro or any of the next gen consoles if your telly doesn’t support 4k resolution.

Although to get the best out of games these days I’d implore you to upgrade your telly (if you can stretch it). You’ll need the hardware to go with it as well. I just have to because I get serious FOMO lol.

If you’re content with what you have though, save money and don’t bother with a PS4 Pro or the next gen devices mate.

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I doubt this is true when there have been 6 Assassin’s Creed games and 5 Far Cry games in the same period

They are making loads of revenue/profit off microtransactions

Well - this is what I have read about designing games. It’s also one of the reasons why Cyberpunk took forever and still it got loads of bugs upon release.

Don’t forget that games like Call of Duty or FIFA don’t take so long, because they are mostly just updates on existing engines.

RDR2 compared to RDR1 is a total new game. Same for GTA V compared to the older GTAs. These games were built from scratch.

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Sea of Thieves. Played him back when it first came out and didnt like it. Recently redownloaded and it’s not as bad as I remember

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alright head of PR for rockstar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They could make it faster, its BS to suggest they couldn’t.

The cashcow that is GTA Online disincentivises them to make another game, because it costs a shit ton to make a brand new game so why would they when a game they made ages ago still brings in mad revenue.

That’s why there isnt a new one, not cos it takes them too long to make one.

Yea building a whole new game engine that has new technologies like Cyberpunk is a huge undertaking. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t have had 3-4 GTA games in this time with gradually improved graphic engines. Ubisoft release a few open world games per year,

Okay a quick google shows Ubisoft has 14,000 employees, Rockstar has 2,000 and CD Project Red 1100. So yea I suppose it’s natural they make less, but Rockstar have only made 1 game in that time. Where as Ubifail has released something like 50 open world games. People would love an extra 3 GTA games with slightly more detailed textures in different cities

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I’ve never had so much fun playing a game than when that first came out shame there was no content and we all stopped playing it.


Yeah, no doubt they could make it a little faster than they are doing now, but not as fast as say Ubisoft or the yearly iterations of franchise games. Your quick google search illustrates it as well with the figures of employees working at said companies.

The answer to this is somewhere in the middle. :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean looking at CD Project Red they’ve done a game every 4 years pretty much since Witcher 1. Using simple maths we could assume Rockstar could do a game every 2 years with twice the employees? Ultimately focusing on online content has generated them shedloads of money and that’s what it ultimately boils down to.

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Yes, but there are substantial differences between GTA 1-3, 4 and 5.

Witcher series is same engine with upgrades along the way. Thus it takes less time to make.

Of course making money from micro transactions plays a role.

As I said before, the answer to this will be somewhere in the middle. Yes, focusing on selling content on existing games is a factor, but also them making games that aren’t simply using existing engines plays a factor.

And we can’t just say x company has x amount of employees and makes x amount of games, thus this company should be able to make such amount of games etc.

There are many variables at play here.
Personally I hope they make GTA 6 as soon as possible, because I loved 5.

Are you sure at this because I doubt it. I can play 1 and 3 in ultrawide but it won’t allow me to play 2 in Ultrawide. This would lead me to believe each game is a different engine. The character models are massively different in every game as are the backgrounds.

Cyberpunk is also clearly a new engine and they’ve done that in 4-5 years with a more modest numbers of employees.

Now AC/Far Cry typically use the same engine from my knowledge which they build on.


Witcher 1 Aurora Engine sourced from Bioware

Witcher 2 and 3 - 3 has a very refined version of Red Engine:

Ubisoft engines:

Are and technically Rockstar have only refined their RAGE engine from AC 4 gradually building on it and adding new features.

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Played it because a couple of mates were on it and it’s on Gamepass.

Really really enjoying it, feels like destiny loot with Mass effect gameplay? I guess.

Nah Fuck that bro. Playing nightmare and finishing raids for some cunt to jump in game at the end and get the Vex Mythoclas and me who’s been doing the whole thing on three different profiles ends up with the same crappy piece of armour. Ended up glitching the fuck out of that game because of the RNG.

Lmao! That sounds amazing fair play to the lad.

I don’t think it’s like that, when I play coop we all got drops.

I meant as in guns armour and stats.

Yeah everyone gets it but RNGesus would bless some with all the top gear and others would get garbage or the same thing repeatedly. I got destiny on release and didn’t get the mythoclass until February. But I had three characters, and to maximise the drops and loot i would max one out, play through everything, delete it and do it again. I was glitching the raids sometimes 6 times a night, taking all the noobies through Crota. But the RNG was fucking me bro.

Hahahahah I can feel the pain through the text and it’s making me laugh.

I bought Destiny 1, max level. Worst story I’ve ever played in my life, horrible clunky gunplay and pvp that was broken ( I believe a 1 hit hammer) I quit before the raids were even a thing.


:joy::rofl: trust me. I got it because my friends kept telling me the creators of Halo made it and it was going to be sick, I had never played a game with loot before, so I got addicted to getting more and more, until I realised it was one long fucking grind. But would agree garbage story line and clunky gameplay, but at the time I was working abroad and would get a lot of down time plus for the first time since the original MW all my mates was online, there was a lot bantering and reminiscing made a bunch of online friends as well. I have to rate that aspect of the game it really encouraged cooperative play.

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Destiny and the Division were great ideas with horrible execution. Outriders is a lot better and is in the right path but the match making and connectivity are absolutely garbage at the moment. I spent more time trying to get into a game than actually playing some nights.


Is that a crossplay problem? I get a message when I turn the game on that it’s temporarily disabled because me and my 2 mates have never had an issue we all just jump in and out of each others games who ever is playing.

This is what happened with a couple of my “I only play fifa and cod” mates they got fucking lost in Destiny 1 for months, completely addicted to the loot system.

I’d nerded out in some MMOs as a kid so I was alright.

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