What's the last video game you played?

I got Forza Horizon 4 free with my Xbox, I spent the best part of a year trying to basically give it away to someone on here because I’ve got no interest in racing games.

About a year and a half on from getting it I actually installed it, and it was so much fun tearing up the British countryside. I love all the little side quests like the Top Gear ones, or the stunt driving missions you can do for the action film being shot.

So much more to it than “drive to location X to do a race”


Anyone on here play Cold War?


What’s your GT I’ll add you can play sometime


I’m on after 10pm usually, do you play league play?

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I only play CoD WZ and MW lately - just with a bunch of friends it’s a lot of fun

I do have it, but have found myself going back to MW. But, if you fancy a game we can play. My PSN is Essaux in case you are on Xbox, I need to check my activision id number

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@SpankyJoyJoy nah not really, only play normal multiplayer and zombies. Not good enough for league play :arteta:

@Forever hell yea dig it out bro

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also has the funniest moment in that game

Jason, JAAAAAAAAAsooon


Anyone playing Black Ops Cold War? I ordered a pizza and it gave me a code to redeem for some free in game items lol, anyone want it? I don’t play it so its of no use to me

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PM them please mate x

Done. Let me know what the item is please, I’m curious cos it didn’t say lol