What we need in the summer (probably not gonna happen though)


Yeah I’m thinking Top CB partnering Mavro/Holdini

Sokratis would be a great third choice CB tbh. Get Mustafi to fuck tho even give him away for free if we have to :joy:


Is this talk of Mavro being potential starting material based on his game at OT ? Or his performances in Greece ?


Based on the state of our defence more than anything I’d wager :joy:


Know your in a mess when your checking wiki to see how old Wes Morgan is. Done this last night.


If Stan and co don’t put some major money into the team this summer, I could fan revolts agaisnt him coming sooner rather then later. He needs to show that he wants this club to compete.

For me

A first choice Left Back
A back up Right back to challenge Bellerin
Two top class CB’s, Holding and Sokratis been back ups

A Center Mid to replace Xhaka of top quality, a creative Mid, Ramsey replacement and A winger

A striker squad member, in the mode of a Giroud.

The Right back can be a Guendouzi type buy, a top up and comer. Left Back needs to be a top buy, with both great attack and great defending to his game. Winger and Center Mid need to be of top quality. The two Center Backs need to be of top quality. The Back up Striker can be bargain buy but still of a top quality.

But what will happen, I think Smith Rowe will probably be Ramsey’s replacement to be honest. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nelson will be Winger. They save money there. They spend big on a big name defender, but won’t get a second one and will go with Sokratis and hope Holding picks up his form before his injury. And we get a cheap buy or two. But I don’t expect any major business been done by our board.


Although I agree with all this, and it should be the bare minimum, we all know very few of these signings will be made.

At least one world class CB, but preferably two, and a LB should be the priority.
We will also need a Ramsey replacement and we’re still waiting for a Cazorla replacement.

A back for Bellerin is needed as well as another striker for cover but not essential so either of these won’t happen.

The defensive players we have simply are nowhere near good enough and haven’t been for a while so to expect two CB’s and a LB should be a matter of course rather than a luxury.

Because of the negligence by Wenger and the board we are in a situation that is going to be very difficult to get out of and Emery is in a mess so unless he is given at leat 100m just to get us back challenging for fourth place, let alone the PL title, serious signings are going to have to be made.

Will they happen?
Of course not.

There will be some token signings or loan deals but any idea that real investment is going to be made is unrealistic.


Fullbacks really dont have to cost a fortune. The role has changed a bit in modern day football but no one should find themselves in a desperate situation in this department.
A lot of clubs travel the world for nothing special players on this. Honestly wonder were coaching has gone on this at a lot of clubs.


We need a player in every defensive position. CB, LB, RB in that order


a completely new team bar torreira, laca, auba, bellerin


A world class player for every position on the pitch and I’ll whinge until we get it!



On a more serious note I just want to have a team like in 07/08 that just makes a lot of sense in stead of the shite we have had the past 6-8 years.


We’re being linked with that young RB at Norwich – Max Aarons. He can also play LB, though prefers the right. He’s been a revelation in the Championship this season. Though RB is one of the positions where our first choice will probably be our first choice for a while, so buying a decent back up there while having trash as our first choices in other positions might not be the best idea.


Or a world class player for “any” position might be good.
A bit like we used to have.


Fulham will probably go down sadly, so we have to be putting in the groundwork for Sessegnon NOW.

Arsenal is the easiest big club to get into for any aspiring talented young defender. I think he’s shown enough already and he’s 18 months away from leaving Fulham for nothing.


I agree, however, his future is not as a defender.

Good thing we could do with an actual wide player isn’t it?


Yeah I like this idea, but wonder how high his fee has risen.


Perhaps not by much, it’s not like he’s been making waves.


My opening bid is £35m


19 starting in Premier League and been pretty highly rated for a while… and English…

Should have nicked him before the start of season probably… also begs question about Saka - if he is the real deal and only a year or two away, maybe prioritize a different area or go with a more proven, experienced player in front of him?


Crystal Palace have some good defenders.

Van Aanholt is a good attacking LB and Wan-Bissaka and Sakho are pretty decent defensive players as well.

They would also be in our price range of cheap to not much more :grinning: