What we need in the summer (probably not gonna happen though)

  • Buy two goalies. Cech is past it and while Ospina can be good most of the times, he is not WC;
  • Buy two CBs. Chambers and Holding are still raw, Mertesacker is gone, Mustafi is a big question mark and Koscielny looks past it;
  • Buy a proper DM and probably a B2B as well. Xhaka has been found out as a fraud;
  • Replace Ozil and Sanchez;
  • Change the manager and all the recruitment system (the last thing seems to get going though).

Basically, we need a massive overhaul, as we are in a big mess. Wenger can’t do it, but the new manager will find it very difficult as well.

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In all honesty you have to get Wenger out the club and then go through the transformation united are now.

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Yeah, the problem is that the new manager will find it difficult though. We are such in a big mess.


Btw you just went from ‘I won’t post here again’ to creating a thread.
Never change Luca

Do you seriously want to continue with Cech and Ospina? It only ok if your main aim is to qualify to the Europa League.

No I meant going for 2 keepers is an overkill. One is fine.

Obviously, our number two should be a youngster.

I’m going to reverse the question and save us all a bit of time.

What we don’t need:

  • A new mascot

yeah one dinosaur in and one out.


So just throw money until something clicks? United have the status and financial power to do that, but Arsenal? We have to be a lot smarter.

We need a brilliant manager that’ll make best use of the squad at his disposal upon Wenger’s departure and to reinvent the side his way.

Like what Simeone has done with Atletico.

He’s honestly the only manager out there I would trust to save this club over the course of 3-4 years.


If we could have anyone then Simeone would be the ideal choice.
But I can’t see him leaving Atletico unless we really convince him our ambitions match his.
So with the tightest owner of all the big clubs in Europe, it would seem unlikely, especially as we can’t even keep hold of the only two top quality players we have.

More realistically, we are likely to get Ancelotti, at least to clean up the mess Wenger will leave behind, and then maybe look at Simeone, or whoever else is good enough.

But if we could prise him away from Atletico, it would be great to see him up against the likes of Guardiola, Mourinho, Klopp, Pochettino and possibly Conte, if he stays at Chelsea, in the PL.

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Me too but the likely hood is your going to have to go through a fair few transfer windows and maybe a couple of managers to get there. Weve got an awful squad of players. We can be in the top 4 mix and maybe round the cups but there will be no short term fix.
Left it too late now as Liverpool and spurs have established themselves now. Where in a lot of trouble now.

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Ancelotti is the safest option atm. We need to rebuild first, then we can talk about being competitive again.

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Tim horn could be availby for 4.5mil this summer if cologne are relegated this season. Not a bad price for a 24 year old GK with loads off potential and would happily see Cech has back up for him.



Arsenal have Bailey in their sights, supposedly. I’m nottt readyyyyy.

Young goalie to challenge and take over from Cech
Proper ball winning DM - we do not need another B2B
Genuine winger - preferably young
Top quality CB
High class RB to challenge Bellerin


Defensive overhaul.



Yeah we’re still fucked when we look at it like that.

Yeah the back really needs work.

Attack wins you games. Defence wins you titles.

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A top quality replacement for Ozil.

A top quality GK.

A top quality CB, and someone who knows what they are doing to coach him.

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