What we need in the summer (probably not gonna happen though)


That English premium is no joke and like you said he’s young and highly rated.

Ideally we’d sign a few of these kind of players because there are very few “sure things”. Saka looks like he may buck the trend how many youngsters have looked the part and ultimately come up short?

If you’re truly going to be big I think signing another players is negligible but with us obviously considering how much we can spend we have to be astute.


Ha think again. It’s not Fantasy Football :laughing: Wan Bissaka has a contract until 2022 and is the in thing at the moment, not to mention being English which automatically adds more to his value. Palace rate him highly – can’t see him going for less than £30m and that’s if they’re feeling generous.


Yeah I’d rather we either:

a) Only sign WC stars (~2/year) and fill in with younger, developing or squaddies


b) Only sign WC stars when there is good chance to pounce (e.g., Auba) and then go aggressively after best young talent in the 17-20 range before they burst into stratosphere of cost

Going after mid-level nonsense who are 28-30 and we still spend 20 million on them seems pointless, although I get the rationale behind it.


Surely we could give them half of our defenders as part of the deal :grinning:


Snap up Sessengnon in a heartbeat. Would be an awesome LWB in 5 and can also play further forward. Absolutely no brainer with Monreal nearly finished.


We have too many positions to fill in one summer, which is why I’d hoped we’d do something in January.

Ramsey, Cech, Monreal as it stands are leaving. All need a replacement of some sort signed and that’s just essentials to keep a squad together.

Lichsteiner’s spot ideally for another CB too, but that’s before any interesting moves like a winger.


Not an untouchable player in my view

If we can get £40m+ I’d sell and invest in younger whilst Auba declines


Agree on the sentiment but without the useless RB.


I really like Laca but would be more than willing to go with that.